Mapping Question? Please Help! Blog has disappeared.

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    I am new at learning about domains, so I will try to make this brief. About a year ago, I blogged at, then I purchased a custom domain through Blogger (and Enom) at Recently, I decided to move to WordPress and created, and transferred my domain to Enom. Yesterday I purchased domain mapping through WordPress to map my TO I followed the WordPress domain mapping instructions, and changed my DNS servers as instructed, but now my is NOT showing up.

    I’ve tried changing my DNS servers back the registrar’s default settings, and my site STILL does not show up. I know that it can take some time for the mapping to go into effect, but I did not expect my blog to disappear entirely in the meantime.

    I would appreciate any help. A friend said that since I’m self-hosting, I shouldn’t have to change my DNS to WordPress’s settings (ie., and so on.)

    The blog I need help with is



    It can take 24 to 72 hours for changes to reach the far corner of the internet – since you changed your name servers back to some old setting the 72 hours started all over again – when you change to the right settings to here the clock starts all over again

    If you want to map your custom domain name to your blog you need to change the name servers back to here. – is not self hosted so your friend is not correct – (blogger is not considered self hosted either – it is like WordPress.COM just different software and different company)



    Okay, thank you! I figured it was just a matter of having the wrong DNS settings but I was so confused when the blog just disappeared. I’ve changed back to WordPress’s DNS settings, and will wait to see what happens.

    I noticed when I originally had WP’s DNS settings plugged in that I couldn’t edit the CName records/etc, so I assume I do not have to/am not able to if I have the DNS settings correct, as in the article you linked to?




    To make domain mapping for to show as the address when people visit your site you only need the basic domain mapping and change the name servers to point to WordPress.COM – you don’t need any Cname, MX records etc to be changed

    You only change the DNS settings if you have some special things like email with your domain name

    Yes when things go whacky with the name server changes it can be a bit scary – just change the name servers then take a long walk and keep the faith

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