Mapping to a subdomain bought from WordPress

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    Hi people,

    Sorry if that question has been answered before, but I couldn’t find anything that fitted my question exactly.

    I just started setting up my website, and I bought a domain via the WordPress interface. Everything went well, and the mapping works fine, but I’ve just decided that I’d prefer my site address to be at

    If I type in my browser, I am redirected to my website, but the address changes itself to in the browser. Is there anyway I could keep it appearing as I don’t seem to be able to modify my mapping, which I find disturbing because I want to point to a subdomain on the same domain. Is there anyway I can do this without buying an additional mapping?

    I’ve tried updating the DNS records with “CNAME firstname” which didn’t change anything.

    You will probably have guessed by now that I know nothing about all of this, so thanks for your help!


    The blog I need help with is


    You will have to change your mapping here and add a CNAME record for the subdomain.

    CNAME records are covered here.

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