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    I have created a subdomain (but not a page w/in the subdomain) which is currently pointing to the parent domain. I want to map a non-WP domain (e.g. abcd/ to a page w/in the subdomain (e.g. and have it appear when someone types in the subdomain page. I do not want my main site,, to appear, but rather the content from the outside domain. How do I do that?

    The blog I need help with is



    Update: I’ve just been told by the owner of the outside domain that I need to point my subdomain to an IP address he has given me.

    Two questions:
    1. how do I create a new page w/in the WP subdomain?
    2. how do I point that subdomain/page to the IP address?




    Have your read these instructions?
    Domain Mapping ยป Map a Subdomain



    I have and have set up the subdomain (verified, paid, etc.) But I don’t want my subdomain to be my primary domain. I want my domain to be my primary and my subdomain to be available independently. They are two different sites. The subdomain will display content when I point it to an IP address. Still not clear on how to do this, appreciate any input.


    You can setup custom DNS records to point a subdomain such as to an outside server or IP address.

    I see that is mapped to your blog. If you would like to map a subdomain to an outside IP address, you should:

    1. Cancel/remove the subdomain mapping (if you set one up)
    2. Add the following to your Upgrades -> Domains -> Edit DNS page:

    A abcd

    Where abcd is your subdomain name and is the IP address of the outside service.

    Note that you do not need to create any pages to do this, you just need to modify the DNS records in the Edit DNS page. Also see this help page for more details:

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