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Mapping vs Registering Domain

  1. My domain name is presently registered with another hosting company. I wish to transfer my domain name to WordPress. WP gives me the option of "mapping" my domain. I do not want to keep paying the old hosting company for renewing my registration. Maybe it is just semantics but will WP's "mapping" take over the registration when my existing period is over with the other company? Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Mapping does not take over registration. It just allows you to use a domain registered elsewhere with your site.

    You will need to continue to register your domain name every year. Either through your current registrar or by transferring to a new registrar.

  3. PS: is not set up to accept incoming domain name registrations,

  4. Auxclass batting cleanup!

    And is absolutely correct. I should have mentioned that.

  5. My Pleasure

    @rootjosh - as long as you are cleaning up the forum would you please clean up and disable @mitmakeup and their spam - they are leaving garbage all over the forum and really giving people very bad "advice" just spend a bunch of time trying to clean things up a bit

    thanks much

  6. Thanks for the answers; especially the P.S. That clears up the options WordPress offers.

  7. You be welcome & good luck

  8. @Auxclass

    Looks like mitmakeup junk has been cleared out. I nuked a bunch of spam accounts yesterday, perhaps that was one.

  9. @rootjosh

    I saw that mitmakeup was zapped last night and the blog delinked from their name - I will skip how rude they were - but they were putting if way bad advice then saying that the advice by myself and other regulars here was spam - a very disgusting piece of trash - thanks whoever cleaned up the trash

  10. Always happy to take out the trash!

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