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Margin and indiv post page issues

  1. Hi, I'm using seriously modified stylesheet with Kubrick on my blog I am having issues with the margins on the individual post page. I'm already dealing with precious little real estate, width-wise, but how can I get the text to fill up more of the page? I can't figure out which style item to change.

    Also, the background of single post pages won't change with the .page class, and remains white.

    Finally, is there any way I can redefine the

      style? I don't like the double side carrots (but I can live with them).


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Oops. sorry, I included html (ul) and it rendered it! My final question was about redefining the unordered list class.

  3. Geez, I was working too quickly apparently: Correct URL is

  4. Your blog is set to private so we cannot view it. Either change the privacy settings or invite me in so I can take a look.

  5. Geez, how many ways can I screw up one simple forum question! Sorry about that, I've added hallluke.

  6. The first line will widen your single view content area, the second will remove the double triange brackets and the third will replace these with normal bullet points. The background is actually an image set with #page which you'd need to change assuming you still want the border effect to be present.

    #content.widecolumn {margin-left:50px; width:650px;}
    .entry ul li:before, #sidebar ul ul li:before {content:"";}
    .entry ul li, #sidebar ul ul li {list-style:none inside disc;}
  7. Thank you so much, halluke. Since I don't see an image set for #page in the CSS customization window, that means I need to put something else there in order to override what's there?

    site is public now, btw.

  8. I tried to do this with the following, but it had no effect. I used firebug and saw that the bg image in the original kubrick style has an !important designation, so maybe I can't override that with my own !important?

    #page {
    background:url ("") repeat-y scroll center top transparent !important;
    border:1.5px solid #BEBEBE;

  9. It depends on the order in which the stylesheets load and you don't get any say in that. The best way to over-ride this is to place a body selector in front like so:

    body #page {background:ETC... !important;}

  10. Hmm, can't seem to get that to work. In fact, when I did that it put the kubrick background image onto the home page as well.

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