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Margin Space Around Images

  1. Hi, somebody know how can I change the margin space around images? There's no enough margin between my images and the text. Thanks.

  2. This may be slightly template-dependent, andresoliva, because the K2-Lite theme seemed to look okay to my eye by providing some default space around embedded images while the default CUTLINE template did not look good at all with embedded images.

    I had to purchase the Custom CSS upgrade to get the image float/padding feature to work on my blog with the CUTLINE template.

    Embedded images look great now, but before the Custom CSS upgrade, images looked pretty awful with the text right on the edge of the image.

    If your blog has a white post background, you could solve this without buying the upgrade by adding some additional "white image canvas space" to all your images in image editor. That would create the same sort of effect of eye space between your image and text without having to pay for the Custom CSS.

  3. The way text wraps around images varies from theme to theme and other bloggers have had the same "too close - no spacing" problem. You'll find that the forum search box will have threads on this topic so check it out. I'd say the easy approach or the quickest fix is placing the images in a program like microsoft paint and adding a border in the same colour as the background colour before uploading them would do it.

    Edit: OOPS! I just looked at your blog and realized this was a question for the css customization forum.

  4. andresoliva --

    It looks like you're using the default Kubrick template. You might want to try switching to the K2-lite template so see if it fits you better. K2-Lite is the more advanced version of Kubrick.

  5. Hi!

    I Chose the "white image canvas space" and it works. So thanks to both of you!!!!

  6. I'm glad you found a solution, andresoliva!

    Good luck!

  7. Remarkably boles and I were typing the quick fix of putting a border around your images simultaneously. I just took a look at your images again and they look much better. :)

  8. These are free and can be used to optimize and resize images:
    - Ifranview
    - Picasa
    - GIMP
    - Photofiltre
    - FastStone
    - Pixia
    By adding 10 pixels to the canvas size you can create a border around the images which also solves the problem.

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