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    I would like to reduce the margins on the “DP” pages, but leave them as is on the other pages. How do I do this? I’m VERY NOVAS with all CSS changes…VERY NOVAS!!!

    The blog I need help with is



    What is a “DP” page?


    Ooops…sorry…I meant to type “Design Process” – it’s the title on a page.


    Hi there,

    This will reduce the vertical margins:

    .page-id-5 .content article {
        margin: 0;
        padding: 0;

    This other bit will take care of the horizontal margins:

    .page-id-5 #main {
        padding: 10px;

    You can adjust all the values as you wish! Hope that solves your problem :)


    Can I jump on this thread and ask how to reduce the margins on every page on my blog?
    I see here the code says .page-id-5 but is there a different code to do a universal change?
    Thanks everyone.



    No, you cannot hijack this thread and post off topic questions and receive answers to them in it.

    All CSS editing is theme specific. You are not using the Quintus theme like invernessdesigngroup. You are using Misty Look. Click this link and start your own thread please


    @howardpublicschool, The site you reference is using Misty Lake. To reduce the left and right margins, add the following to your custom CSS. The original left/right padding was 2.5em. 1.4em seems to look pretty good. The second rule below adjusts the header width so that it aligns left and right with the content below.

    .site-main {
    padding-left: 1.4em;
    padding-right: 1.4em;

    Feel free in the future to start a new thread if you cannot find a current thread on your theme and specific issue. That helps to prevent confusion for those searching for answers in the future.



    G’day @timethief. :)


    Thank you so much @thesacredpath for responding, I truly do appreciate your input.

    I had no idea that the CSS editing is theme-specific, and I wouldn’t have posted on this thread had I known. I’m still learning the ropes here at I carefully searched the forums before I posted the question and this topic seemed, from my novice perspective, to be the most relevant.

    Perhaps @timethief you should remember that not everyone here has your level of expertise. Your comment was unnecessarily rude. You seem to be on these boards a lot and perhaps you should focus on helping people rather than scolding them. There are nicer ways of getting your point across.



    @howardpublicschool, not a problem and you are very welcome.

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