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Mark as Private in one go?

  1. Dear users,

    Is there any way that I can mark ALL the article as PRIVATE in one go? And/or to PASSWORD-Protect all in one go?

    Please let me know.


  2. You want to password protect your entire blog?

  3. Previously when this has been asked the answer has always been:

    "No, you'll have to do posts one at a time".

    There has been much discussion on this matter and I'm sure if you search the forum you will find some useful information.


  4. There's an FAQ also that says password protecting one's blog is planned for in the futre.

    I'm assuming that it still holds true but we haven't heard anything since then.

  5. Dear nosysnoop, cornell, and drmike,

    Thank you for your kind replies. Actually I had read those posts before I posted mine; I wanted to know whether there was any update on this matter.

    What I wanted to do is, at least temporarily, to PRIVATIZE all of my previous posts at once.

    drmike mentioned 'protecting'... how about 'privatizing'?

    Thank you again.


  6. I was wondering the same thing a while ago...
    From what I gathered, all you can do as far as "privatizing" your blog is to disable the option to show it on search sites (like Google and Technorati). Anyone else can see it, though, if they have the address or click a link to it from other sites so it's not really much help. I wish they had an option to make it completely private or password protected and I guss they're planning to do something like that in the future. I don't think I answered your question anymore than anyone else did but that is all I know on the matter. I hope there is an update on this issue soon! You could mention it in the feedback if you wanted.

  7. All of your posts at once, no. They would have to be marked 'Private' one at a time. When you bring up a Post for editing, it's in the 'Post Status' box along the right hand side. If marked, that will remove your Post from the main pages and, I think, the current RSS feeds.

  8. Dear argenteen and drmike,

    Thank you for your input.
    I think, at least at the present moment, there is nothing we can do about it.

    Will wait for such an improvement in near future.



  9. Just a quick mention that I know in the MU code that also runs, I see mention of password protecting an entire blog. Hopefully we'll get the feature someday. :)

  10. If you want to keep your blog private from everyone, why is up on the Internet?!? Isn't a text editor keept on your privste computer good enough?

  11. tazo - Not private from everybody, just private from most people.

    For example, a relative of mine just moved out of the country with his family. He would like to share stories about their new adventure and photos of their young children, but would only like for designated friends and family to be able to read these stories and see these photos. He could do this via email, but putting it up on a blog would reduce the email clutter.

  12. Isn't a text editor keept on your privste computer good enough?

    Many people have to share computers. In such cases, a passworded site that nobody else in the house knows about is significantly more secure than an unprotected text file.

  13. dharris - in that case, (un)check that box to keep it out of the search engines, don't use categories, and ask your friends not to link to your site.

    If it's that important, then best bet would be to get hosting elsewhere and password protect your whole site.

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