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  1. lbarrettatclimate

    The markdown plugin ( would be handy, because our engineers are already used to writing READMEs and other files in markdown syntax. Having that plugin available would make our engineering blog run more smoothly.

    The blog I need help with is


    I would not hold my breath given the other threads on this subject.

  3. Would love to see this happen too....

  4. Me too! I end up converting from markdown to html into order to publish to WP.

    WP Engineers, any chance this could be added?

  5. +1 Markdown would be a great feature.

  6. Yes please! +1

  7. yep, please support Markdown syntax! +1

  8. Yes, markdown support would be nice +1

  9. Yes, markdown support would be nice +1

  10. Markdown support, please!

  11. Markdown support, please!

  12. Please support Markdown! :)

  13. well, another "please support Markdown!"

    Ghost ( might become more attractive only due to the editor.

  14. I signed up thinking i could use markdown.. Very disappointed that I cant use markdown to author my posts :(

  15. Thanks to everyone who posted feedback about Markdown here in the ideas forum. Your wish has been granted and Markdown was added to today!

    To enable Markdown, go to Settings → Writing in your blog dashboard, check the box next to "Use Markdown for posts and pages," and save.

    Also see

  16. Great News! Thank you!

  17. Yay! For a change I'm happy to eat my words. :)

    @designsimply - One can only hope that having Gallery thumbnails that can link to individual posts or pages and not just a larger Gallery image is next on the "most wanted list" of requests. :D

  18. @justjennifer, does it have a separate ideas thread? If not, it should.

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