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Marked As Mature

  1. Has my blog been marked as mature? I saw something suggesting it was but it was just a flash as I clicked on to something else. It's not showing up on a search (I just blogged with a tag of BBC and it's not showing on a search of BBC)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Ah, just seen I'm still linked. From here, so not marked as mature.

    Reported possibly. Can one see why and by whom?

  3. Hi. I suggest you contact staff directly on or after January 2, 2012.

  4. "Can one see why and by whom? "

    No, that information is not revealed.

  5. Why not? The "why" at least, so that one can attempt to redress the concerns of the complainer ... surely?

  6. No, that information is not revealed.

  7. Probably so people don't argue the point. If you ARE marked as Mature, it's unlikely staff will hesitate to tell you why: if you're merely Reported as Mature, I can understand their wish not to pass along the details.

  8. Keep in mind that anyone can report your blog as mature, then when the staff reviews the report if your blog is nice G rated then the staff would not mark your blog as Mature so there would be nothing for you to worry about.

    Also anyone can SAY they reported your blog as Mature even if they did not.

    I vote with @raincoaster on this.

  9. I have a friend whose blog was set as Mature and they told her why. I was reported as mature, set as Mature, and appealed it and was set as (what would you call it?) Immature again, and they never told me what it was that set it off. I had a pretty good idea though: I crossed someone who trolled my blog looking for boobies.

  10. I'm not suggesting that anyone argue the point. Say someone reports as mature for a good reason, yet not one that is sufficient for setting as mature, wouldn't you want to know that you may have inadvertently offended someone?

  11. I wouldn't. I don't have any content or images of a "mature" or adult nature on my blog, I would assume ignore this and blog on.

  12. I simply assume that I'm always offending people, and I'm fine with it. Even the most inoffensive people will offend some people; some are just touchy.

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