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Marquee text

  1. Hello,
    Is there any body can tell me if I can add a MARQUEE TEXT into my blog please ?! if so, how ? thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Like a scrolling text right?
    Just get the HTML for it, then go edit your post and go to the HTML view.
    Then paste the HTML.

    - Lora

  3. @otcctchad: The marquee tag doesn't work.

    And please paste the exact URL of your blog when asking questions here, or link your nickname to your blog (as explained in the Sticky 8 Things to Know Before Posting). We usually need that to give a relevant answer.

    @lorawow: What a helpful reply...

  4. -.-

    Maybe he doesn't know there's a HTML editor. Anyway I'm just trying to help and then you get THIS!

  5. Ah, but not all HTML is created equal. Here's what we can use here on WordPress.COM

  6. Thanks Jennifer.

  7. Welcome. Always pays to look before you leap. ;)

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