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Mary Kay Voices

  1. I used to be able to log on to this web site. Now I can't. I keep coming to this web site. How can I get back to Mary Kay Voices?


  2. Maybe they're temporarily offline? What is the URL you usually use to get to them?

  3. I believe the blogger actually had to change the blog name due to the corporation's threats.

  4. Yes, but she changed it TO Mary Kay Voices. Or do you mean she had to change it again?

  5. Wow, this happened just recently then. I wonder what they are under now??? They have so many different links in that site. I guess corporate didn't like the truth told.

  6. Try it again; there has been another report of someone unable to get into a blog, who tried again and got in. Might have just been a momentary blip.

  7. I've tried 4 or 5 times and keep getting into which doesn't seem to have this blog anywhere. I'll keep trying but it is very frustrating. Thanks!!

  8. Maybe try a google search for the blog administrator's handle? If she's switched the name, then that should find her.

  9. w00t! I found it -

  10. Yep, that has GOT to be her.

  11. If you scroll down to the very bottom and read what's there you'll be convinced.

  12. Not to mention the t-shirts. Snazzy!

  13. Thank you, Thank you. I hope one of these days I can help one of you on a request!!!

    Barbie Doll

  14. Sure: do you have George Clooney's cell number?

  15. I'll get right on that. But please don't hold your breath! I'm good, but probably not that good! LOL

  16. do you have George Clooney's cell number?

    I do, but he asked me not to give it out as he didn't want the other inmates knowing he's there.

    Sorry, I'll get my coat...

  17. *lol* good one ... cornell ;)

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