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    i have a blog hosted at then i moved to my own domain and hosting and the move was complete successfully.

    I have A LOT of posts in my old blog, i want a way to edit ALL these posts and add a note at the top saying that the blog has moved.

    because everyone is still accessing the pages directly, or through wordpress tags and don't see the new site.


  2. Do you want to delete the posts, or just edit them? Because there's no way to mass-edit posts, really.

  3. no, i dont want to delete them, i just want to add a notice on the top,,,,or delete the post content (but leaving the tags and categories) and put something like
    this blog has been moved HERE.

    or something like that.

    or put some HTML code on all pages that redirects the user to the new blog (but i don't think thats allowed on is it?)

  4. Best suggestion I can think of is to create a static page saying that your blog has moved and then set this as the homepage in your control panel. The posts will then still be there as well as all the tags and everything else, but your notice will always be seen first.


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