Mass editing of entry text?

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    Here’s another one.

    when I post a entry from, I like to go in and bold and black quote the lead headline from the story, so, it doesn’t sound like *I* am the one saying, what is being reported. This is so, I don’t get accused of being a biased blogger.

    Anyway, Again, When I post like 10 more headlines, it is a major pain the behind to go in and edit all of those, one at a time. Would there *ANY* way possible for a mass edit feature, maybe small windows can appear and you can edit each entry. That would be kick butt. I realize that this would most likely require a great amount of coding for you guys, so, if you can’t do it, I totally understand. But I thought I’d float the idea to the team.

    Other this this little inconvenience, WordPress is an awesome piece of blogging software and is an awesome free service.

    Take care gents and thanks for making this available.

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    Hmmmm nobody like this idea? 8-(



    actually i’m not sure what are you referring to. does 10 headlines mean 10 blog posts? since you opened the other thread about mass-editing categories, i think ppl would generally add other suggestions for mass edits there if they think it should be added.



    Something like that, I’d do more like 5 at time… 10 opens the door to lost data, and that would not be a good thing! :)

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