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Massive changes to the WP interface

  1. mathmaine, thank you for your measured feedback.

    Latex support is critical. Please do not touch this!

    I don't know of any plans to discontinue LaTeX support, so you should be good there! Every so often, someone brings up the idea of switching to MatchJax though, which I hear is better. But there aren't any solid plans to make a switch any time soon.

    Please do not assume that everyone wishes to post as soon as they have written - keep it very easy to save a draft version, then return to it for further editing frequently.

    You may save a draft in the new editor by clicking the "Save" button at the bottom left of the editor—make sure to use gray button that says "Save" not the blue button that says "Publish."

    The ratio of views to visitors seems the best proxy you have for level of engagement, and your new Stats graph no longer displays it.

    Thanks for this note. This is something the developers are considering updating.

    Having multiple versions of seemingly the same page (I'm thinking of the Stats page), along with multiple ways to get there can be very confusing.

    I see your point. At least one (possibly both) of the older stats pages should be retired at some point.

    The navigation process has become a bit too complex over the past 18 months (start at top left, or top right, or title bar? Oh wait, it depends on the page I am on.).

    The navigation is definitely going through a period of change. Making some changes and then following up with adjustments was a way to rapidly iterate. Those types of changes should settle and not happen so dramatically in the future.

  2. With all of the well-justified criticism of the new stats page, I think many of our collective gripes are well-established. I get the sense, however, that it is unlikely that we will be heard and that the old, better stats page is going to remain a permanent feature, let along one that is the default page.

    bubbasuess, feedback is heard, and there are some updates already being worked on for the new stats page. In addition, the feedback posted here will be taken into consideration the next time the stats page is revised. That won't happen right away, but when it does happen, this feedback will help shape future updates.

    The changes happening now will take time to get tied together into a more cohesive unit—but they will get there. The updates may be a hard transition for a little while, but they will get better and better over time and with the support of people like you and the feedback you bring to the process.

  3. Regarding Themes: WP made a change to how we can view new themes. Gone are the days when you can try a new theme on for size seeing how it looks with YOUR OWN content.

    ldgl0710, live previews are definitely not going away. That feature hasn't been added to the new dashboard yet, but it will be in the future.

    For now, you can get to a live preview in the classic dashboard by going to Appearance > Themes and clicking on the Preview button for any theme on that page. Sorry not finding previews in the new dashboard yet caused you some trouble!

  4. I understand why Automattic wants to maintain control over the blog code (security etc). But why not offer that ability for end user to fork off and layer their own admin runtime over the baseline code.

    kerin2014, this is already available. You can find details at

  5. @designsimply,
    Are you aware that seven bloggers here have had comments blocked on this post?

    adrienneadams, comments were not blocked and were probably just approved out of order—that can happen if someone does a first pass to approve comments that don't need a reply and a second pass later which gives the comments that are more critical, or that may need a reply, more time and attention and so those can take longer to appear. Also, not every single comment will always be approved—sometimes duplicates are removed or some are replied to by email because they are support questions, and other things like that. I see that Ben addressed your concerns in the post comments directly and noted that the critical feedback becomes part of what helps each feature get better the next time it is revised.

  6. The feedback that gets posted in threads like this, combined with stats and other factors, will be taken into consideration when deciding what to update the next time each feature is revised. I appreciate everyone who took the time to post about how they feel about recent updates here at I care a lot about our community and do my best to be present and caring when I am a part of the conversations here so I can bring forward the constructive and critical feedback in an unbiased way. I want to also make sure to let you know that there are already some updates for stats being worked on because of your feedback, such as an all-time summary view and updating the default graph from 10 to 30 days, and that the developers plan to make additional revisions to stats over the coming months. I'm closing this thread now because I have collected and reported all of the major feedback from it. If you were a part of the thread, thank you for taking the time to participate. If you have a new issue to bring forward or if you happen to find a bug along the way, please start a new help request at

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