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Massive dissatisfaction with host.Need seamless help going back to

  1. The move to and self hosting has been a nightmare, with whinging from the host to server issues, the site being disabled at a whim and so on.

    I want to move my site back to (I have a paid domain mapping still active here)

    My mind, my readers and my wife cannot cope with the stress any longer...Nightmare I have to escape from to be frank!
    Blog url:

  2. Here's how to import your content into a site:

  3. Can you go to the dashboard of the site you want to abandon, and under Tools hit Export? Then on your blog, go to Dashboard->Tools and hit Import.

  4. Hi guys, thanks for replying. I was on a hosted site.
    Then I bought a domain
    Then I mapped the wordpress address to the domain
    Then to further customize and improve (in theory) I went to wordpress org and self hosted with the guided transfer that cost me over 100 dollars here. After a few weeks we ironed out half the problems, now the big drama is hostgator, a highlighted a recommended host has continuously cut my readers off with NO notice and lulling a page you are denied access. Scaring the wits out of my readers as wll as myself.

    They say my site is too popular.great chop me off and leave me for dead...

    here is the last email after DOING everything they asked, basically cut my site to the bone, remove all plugins and SEO...Why do they bother roping in wordpress accounts they cannot handle?


    Unfortunately we are not able to change the page that people land on as that would redirect you as well and prevent you from testing any changes.

    I have checked and it looks like you have done almost everything you can to help with the load generated by this site. At this time your site has too much traffic for a shared environment, and I would recommend you upgrade to a basic dedicated server.

    A VPS is also an option but you may still be suspended for overloading the hardware node the VPS is on. With a dedicated server you get 100% dedicated hardware and we will never suspend you for overloading your dedicated server.

    If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

    Best regards,

    Chris F.
    Linux Systems Administrator LLC

  5. so in addition to the info above, Im not sure.I exported my site, but importing it as it stands, only sends it to the self hosted site, (same)

    I understand keep a copy of my site in its spot so how do I abandon self hosted and get back in bed with (using my own domain, other wise I have to go thorough weeks more of Confusing stuff


  6. You need to be on the dashboard of the site when you Import. Don't worry about the domain, we can bring that over later.

  7. ok I went to dashboard and am attempting to import my latest export. One problem I may encounter is the 15mb limit though!?

  8. You should be able to break your export up into chunks by date or category and import a bit at a time.

  9. i raincoaster.

    I have a complete and successful import of the site. The main thing is I urgently need my readers to be able to access the site
    How do I go about getting it off the hostgater host and back on servers? I have my own domain that is mapped by wordpress? Your help is much anticipated Cheers

  10. If your custom domain is mapped to your blog and the custom domain is set as primary, then once the DNS settles down they should be able to access it just fine.

  11. I have my own domain that is mapped by wordpress?

    point the nameservers back to

  12. Note: up to 72 hours propagation time

  13. 1 ok in dummy speak I need to remove hostgator nameservers and put back in place?

    2 So that means my site will take up to 72 hours to be back online via wordpress?

    3 will my readers eventually get the site live just by pressing their bookmark etc?

    Thanks guys

  14. raincoaster pretty much answered you already. All yes.

    If your custom domain is mapped to your blog and the custom domain is set as primary, then once the DNS settles down they should be able to access it just fine.

    For some reason, you'll probably be the last one to actually see your site has propagated through the interwebs. If you want to track the progress, you can do so here

  15. limetreefruits

    HI There!
    I am trying to do something similar. Move from to read this thread a few times but am not sure if I did things right.

    I got a little confused by timethief's link about pointing the name server. Clicking on it, right on the top of the page It says

    "If you’ve registered your domain through and now want it to point to a blog or website hosted elsewhere then you can do this by updating the nameservers. Follow the Update Nameservers instructions below."

    I hadn't purchased my domain thru, so I don't need it to follow those steps?

    I mapped my domain by followed this: .

    Is that it? After all the steps am I suppose to have my domain on
    I also double checked the status of it thru the link that justjennifer provided (whatsmydns) and it already shows nameserver but when I click on it still shows the dashboard and layout of

    Am I missing something?

    Thanks for your help!

  16. It goes to wordpress.COM now.

  17. @limetree - because of caching issues you will be the last one to see the changes - your link loads to a blog here - you can try clearing your browser cache - otherwise you will need to wait up to 72 hours for changes to reach you and the far corners of the internet

  18. limetreefruits

    really? so it is showing as for you guys? oh bliss!
    Thank you so much! I will try to look at it from my work computer tomorrow!

  19. You be welcome & good luck

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