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    Good morning,
    for about two weeks my blog has undergone a drastic drop in visits and I can not understand why. I have not changed any settings or methodology used so I would like someone to explain to me the situation if possible. Here is a screen

    Thank you very much.


    The blog I need help with is



    I’ve had similar experiences with creating content. For me I had someone with a lot of twitter followers tweet out a link which drove lots of traffic and those visitors stayed around for a few weeks before slowly dripping away. Make more great content and they’ll return.



    I also have experienced a drastic drop in visitors to my blog over the past two weeks. This happened after I transitioned from WordPress hosting to self-hosting. It may just be a coincidence, but I’m hoping there’s a correlation and a fix to the drop. For one thing, my Facebook followers no longer show up as a category in my stats.



    I have had a loss of between 50 and 75% on my two blogs, and I am almost sure it is due to the new Google image search. In the past, if somebody clicked on a picture, he came to your blog to see its enlarged version or its context. Now he sees the enlarged version there, on Google.

    To give you an example, on my blog I had various models of job search papers. These got up to 2000 hits a day which allowed me to publish poetry and even religious things.

    Now Google publishes 1 of my models at the top of the page. It is not the best, and it is not representative, but people see it full size and there is nothing to tell them that on my site there are more.


    cantueso… i think you got it right…
    And i suppose we are not suppose to do nothing about that.



    People mention hotlinking, but that can be done only on your own domain. Most say Google’s new policy is illegal, but they do not suggest that anyone can do anything about that. Some say they are going to put a watermark on their pictures, but that is busywork and probably counterproductive.

    However, Google is still adapting. Today I went and looked up
    “Michelangelo timeline”, and of the first 4 photos offered one was right, one was off-topic, and two were identical ad collections not related to Michelangelo offered as “hacks”. — Yet I looked up “Madrid” amd the Google pic selection was excellent.


    It may or may not be a Google image search issue.

    Is all the content on your blog original? Or has either the text or the images been published elsewhere? Google’s Panda algorithm can detect duplicate content.



    There is definitely something new going on. ! I’ve seen numbers drop by more than half. And I can look at 3 years of blogging statistics. I think the image search changes makes the most sense. I always guessed my actual readers was fairly low, my blog is not my main job or purpose. But the drop in numbers was amazing. It fits with exactly what’s being described. Where as people used to click on the image and be taken to the content, now they get the image served via Google. At least now I know! And my blog is 80% images.



    To “thistimethisspace”

    It is the new image search at least in my case. The proof is in my Spanish blog, where the loss is rather more than 70% on workdays, because maybe some 80% of the visitors came to download model job applications and related papers.About 20 models were original content, and there was one model in public domain from Iberia Airlines.

    There are many places that sell models of that kind. And these draw ads! They are of basic interest to Google.

    So Google does exactly what we are not allowed to do: publish other people’s content full size.

    I understand this very well now, but there is still a riddle: hits/visitor stats have also fallen about 25%, just as suddenly.



    To “mfearing”

    But you are at! At some risk, those people can interfere with Google’s business. Go and look online about “the new pic search”.


    This for me is a devastating issue. i run my blog from 2007 and it’s all about game’s art and renders in high resolution… We have to find a solution… somehow.



    Unless you can find out what Google’s aims are, you cannot “find a solution”.

    Now, it seems to me that Google is still changing. In the last two searches that I made the enlarged picture was linked to the blog it came from. That would be good news.

    I have never played any games, and so I cannot find out how the changes affect your interests.



    Is this because you can do “like” on reader without actually opening the entire post? I’ve noticed my views going down and likes going up.



    To Mhasegawa

    I don’t know at all how a reader works. If they can do “like” because of a picture and without looking at your post, that would certainly be the explanation.

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