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Master blog

  1. How about a master blog?
    I (and many others) have multiple blogs and perhaps a publicly viewable master blog would be very useful.
    From this master the other blogs can be displayed and linked.
    My suggestion is a radical new theme which would act as a master blog in which other blogs could be embedded.
    I think such a master blog deserves a special name.
    My suggestions:

  2. isn't it better to include the collection of blog into each blog's blogroll, or simply make a page in each blog showcasing each of the blog. If i were you i would simply make a blog roll or atmost make a "master page" .

  3. Have you tried the Global Dashboard?

    The Master Blog you seek is basically called FriendFeed. And it's hideous.

  4. Thanks phoxis, I appreciate the advice. I tried to make a master page in the past, and of course it is possible, but its all a bit 'Heath Robinson'.

    And thanks raincoaster, I had a look at FriendFeed and you are right, it's awful (I'm sure WordPress could do a better job).

    Anyway I'm really grateful for all WordPress does for me, this is simply an idea to pool multiple blogs.

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