Master CSS file for Vigilance Theme?

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    Hi all,

    Does anyone have a clean copy of the master CSS stylesheet for Vigilance? I changed my theme, with custom CSS, a few months ago and had a copy, but can’t find it. (There are a few links to a page here won in the forums, but I get a 404 error).

    I’m trying to hunt down an issue with my nav bar menu, and I need the original CSS; all I have are my custom changes.

    Thanks much,

    The blog I need help with is



    Most of the themes we run here on are also available in the themes directory:

    We do tend to use modified versions of the themes though to better fit in with, so if you want the identical version to what we run, you’ll want to downloaded from here

    For Vigilance see this page >



    I did manage to find this, thanks TimeThief. I was hoping to find a cleaned-version however; the version I worked off before was neatly separated, with notes for each section, and was a Word document. Anyone have a link to something like that? If not, I will make do, but I would appreciate it.


    Never do CSS off of a Word document. Always use a plain text version of the file. Word can do strange things to some of the special characters in the document (substituting things like curly quotes for straight quotes) that can kill your CSS.



    I appreciate the advice, but I am not planning on using the Word file to change my CSS. I’m just looking for an easy-to-read copy of the master stylesheet; then any changes I need to make will be input into my custom CSS code. A clean plain text file would be fine as well; I just did not want to have to spend the time to clean up the plain text CSS when I know one exists out there.

    I had one before and I’m guessing I must have gotten it here; does no one have a link?


    WordPress stripped things down and changed stuff in Vigilance and incorporated everything into the style.CSS file instead of having the myriad of CSS files the full version of Vigilance does. Open this file in your browser, copy out all the stuff and paste it into whatever you like.



    OK, thanks for the help.


    You are welcome.

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