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master versus content pages

  1. i know, i'm a broken record with css questions but I just spent an hr trying to figure this one out and can't..eek.

    i'm unsure how to specify parameters for my other pages. I want to add in a simple horizontal border under the title on each page (like the blue dotted one I have under each post on the home page) (I know how to do that particular command) but can't seem to figure out the beginning bit. I keep plucking out bits from the main stylesheet and changing them, but it's not working (or i'm changing other stuff that I don't want to)

    tips please? thank you!

  2. I tried to help but there is something very unpleasant on your site which is crashing my browser in Linux. That is very difficult to do. Could be the snap preview? Its the second I have encountered recently.

  3. Anyway I found it. The selector is h2 Simple. :)

  4. sorry about that...I will turn off the snap preview now...if you manage to see this and could ..gulp..hehe..risk visiting my site again, i'd appreciate knowing if you encounter the same problem..thanks!

    I'm off to play with the h2 ...your help is so appreciated :)

  5. the h2 command worked in that it did place the the bar/line for the 'about'...etc..pages but it also added in an extra one on the homepage. i'm not sure how to isolate it so it's all the non-home pages. I must have a command elsewhere that's screwing it up. I am going to play around with it for a bit.

  6. Look for h2 a and take it out of that.

  7. I found a #content h2 a and put in 'none' for border..I also tried to be more specific with 'top, bottom'..etc..but it wouldn't change anything. then, I just manually put in h2 a for it and nothing happened. i noticed that the h2 also underlines all the widget title texts too...i must still have some command in there that's overriding it all..

  8. I think its *a*

  9. hehe..i still couldn't get it working but i figured out a more complicated way :p i left everything with the border and then managed to find the individual bits (i.e. widgets and banner) where I didn't want the border..and was able to remove it. :)

  10. Great. Well done. Deciding how you want to set it up is half the battle.

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