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masthead/header gone

  1. back in town after 5 day vacation, didn't touch my CSS. this morning my masthead is one i haven't had up since October. hmmmmmm. any ideas? I have checked CSS and nothing has been changed, my image path is correct/unbroken. Anyone?

    benevolence theme, btw.

  2. update: loaded my desired masthead on to the custom image header. still, in CSS, can't make it larger, etc. in fact, CSS seems to be disabled.


  3. I think you will have to wait awhile as people are on a well deserved break. I think till the 2nd. Mark keeps popping in off and on and when he does he will be able to tell you why this happened.

  4. I suspected as much, just thought i'd put it out here in case someone popped by.

  5. binkythedoormat

    Teslaroo, it's not just you - I've spent the last few days perfecting my header image (whilst eating plenty of mince pies), and now it's gone back to the Blix default.

    I'm sure it's not a big problem, just a minor glitch. I guess we just have to be patient!

  6. thanks so much for the commiseration! now i know it's not just me and all will corrected in due time...


  7. okay, everything is fine now.


    thanks WP i knew you would not forsake me.

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