Matala: Excerpts only on main page – how?

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    Hello, I am using Matala with Custom Design.

    Is there any way I can change the CSS so that I display only excerpts + featured image on the main page?
    (i.e. like what can be done w/ the Grisaille theme @

    Also, I would like to know how I can add a box over my recipes like this blog:

    I’m so sorry for sounding like such a dinosaur, but I really can’t seem to understand any of the CSS tutorials that I have been Googling online. :(

    Thank you.

    -M. Alexandria-

    The blog I need help with is


    CSS is a styling document used by the browser to render you pages. It cannot be used to change or add functionality. That would require hacking the theme PHP script files and we cannot do that here at

    I’m not seeing any box on the recipes on .


    Oh, I forgot to mention that you can add the read more tag to your posts.



    Thanks, thesacredpath.

    On the mentioned blog, she actually has a blue box with lines (makes it look like a notepad) that her recipes are on so that it stands out.

    Also, the link to “read more tag” in your reply linked back to her blog.

    Thanks so much.


    I don’t see any blue box with lines on the site you reference in Firefox or in Safari.

    Sorry on the read more link: .


    She is using a blockquote for the actual recipe, what looks like a blue notepad page, etc.

    I can’t help you with the CSS since I barely can get around my own theme, but that info will help others help you!


    Shoot, now I see it. I just had to wait for a couple minutes for the page to fully load. The blue background is an image they created. The image is basically one section of the lined blue background from just below the previous line down to and including the bottom line. They then did a repeating background declaration in the “Y” (vertical) direction, set a border and some margins and a width.



    @thesacredpath & sensuosinkspiller: Thanks so much for the help.
    I’m going to try making a similiar image for my blockquotes as well.
    It’s hard being a blogger these days — so much new scripting & code to get used to!


    You are welcome.

    CSS isn’t too hard really. It all comes down to seeing the relationship between the XHTML markup (view source) and the CSS. The actual declarations and such are easily found on the web when you need some clarification on what something does and what the options are for values.

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