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    I love the design of the Matala theme (the torn paper design behind the titles, etc.) but was hoping to change the big paisley design at the top and bottom but keep the paper-like design in the middle. Is this possible?

    If not, what size should the new custom image background be so that it fits the width of the screen and the length of the blog entries? I tried changing the custom header but that only changes the design in the small area behind the blog title.

    Any help would be very much appreciated

    The blog I need help with is


    It would take the Custom Design upgrade and some CSS experience and some of the images sort of interlock and interplay with each other, so you might end up having to create and/or modify more than one or two.

    Here are all the different images that are used in the theme (I think).

    #access (menu):
    #inner-wrapper (content/sidebar):
    #colophon (footer):


    Thank you for your help!

    One last question: if I make a regular custom background that replaces everything (the paisley design and the paper background), what size should it be?


    On backgrounds, I always recommend making the basic graphical elements just larger than the general content area and then design it so that it fades out into a solid color left, right and down. That way the image does not have to be too big (which means it loads quickly) and then you specify the color that the image fades into as a background color.

    You can’t really determine a “size” for a background image since it all depends on each person’s monitor resolution and how wide they have their browser window set. Trying to accommodate the crazies (such as me with a 2560px x 1600px monitor resolution) will bring your site to a crawl. You want to keep images in sites down to under 100k if at all possible, and if their are lots of images, I would probably recommend that the average be down around 75k. Search engines take site loading times into account when determining search engine ranking and it is best to stay on their good side.



    Okay, noted on everything that you said. Looks like I’ll be switching back to the Mystique theme then for easier configuration. Thank you so much for all your help! :)



    I downloaded the theme from and then took the different elements I needed for the custom background. It doesn’t look as good as the original but an alternative for not having to get the css upgrade. You can see it on my blog-


    hey elnidobabe – it looks like you’re still using matala but the squiggle navigation around the buttons aren’t there anymore. did you remove those purposefully? I’d like to get rid of them and can’t figure out how…



    Sorry but which buttons are you referring to? I haven’t done anything special – just replaced the default background with a new one. Maybe the squiggles come with the default background?


    How do i make the title description “Just another site” smaller or completely delete it?

    I tried in CSS under Header > Title description, and at one point it removed it, but then reverted it back and now will not change at all.



    You don’t need a custom design upgrade to remove a tagline. If you don’t type one in on this page and it won’t appear > Settings > General > Tagline


    hello, i’m wanting to change the white background behind all the text. i want to have a tiled transparent image to get a layered paper effect. i’ve had a few attempts at it through custom css but haven’t had any luck.
    thank you



    Matala is definetely a really cool theme, but some of my fussy critics have commented the colors are too bright for my subject matter. Hence, I would also like to change the matala big paisley design. I am new to Is it via custom header or custom background?? I would like to have just the top banner (replace wrapper.jpg??) but prefer to keep the squiggly circles! I am not planning to get a css upgrade, but what are the benefits of doing this?? How much technical skill is required??



    Sorry, the above post should say ” I would like to have the top banner just blue…


    It is an image declared in #wrapper in the CSS so it would require the Custom Design upgrade to be able to remove it. You can see what it looks like without the paisley on my test blog here: .



    Thank you for the example! I will consider a CSS upgrade. I have only recently upgraded domains so I am not sure if how much I would use CSS, but still. Many Thanks


    You are welcome.



    Hello- just another simple question about posts in matala:

    With multiple posts, how can you switch from the “post book” view where you have to click “previous post” to one where multiple posts are viewed on the same page…



    Hello Seabedhabitats!
    I got your email and decided to post a “how-to”. I’ve received a few inquiries on this so hopefully this will help others as well. Good Luck :)



    Thanks Holly for that link to campingwithaview where you expain “how-to” customize some of the Matala Theme without having to buy the Custom Design upgrade. I’m very happy with my results.



    Your welcome Tom..just glad it was useful! Took a peak at your blog and enjoyed the stop sign post ;)

    Also check out for some other tips ( the springboard for some of the techniques I use.)

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