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Matala theme, where and how to get rid of "Posted on ____ by ___"

  1. Hello all:
    Newly converted from Blogger so please excuse my ignorance - never used WordPress or CSS before a few hours ago and having a heck of a time figuring out how and where to get rid of the code that puts "Posted on/by" under the title of each post on my blog. I want to get rid of it completely. Can someone please help me? My blogs is Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This will do it.

    .entry-info {
    display: none;
  3. Welcome to!

  4. Thanks, designsimply!

    thesacredpath - thanks! My gosh, that was easy when someone in the know shared the know! THANK YOU!

  5. You are welcome.

  6. One more question, if I may, in order to use plug-ins I cannot use, correct? I can map my domain using, but if I want to use plug-ins, I have to host my domain somewhere else (not just map to my domain)? Thanks!

  7. That is correct.

  8. Much appreciated!

  9. You are welcome.

  10. Hello again. In order to be able to configure my site as I like, I've gotten it hosted at Dreamhost and am now using software...I'm VERY new to this and although I've got the site up and running, I no longer see the section where I could edit code as you directed to over-ride the "Posted on_____ by _____", which is showing again when my sight moved. Would you be able to help, or do I need to post over at Thank you very much!

  11. I've gotten it hosted at Dreamhost and am now using software

    The version of the Matala theme running over on software is not the same as the version running here on software an you cannot get support here for it. You must post here > Forums - Themes and Templates – XHTML and CSS >

  12. Thank you for your help. I appreciate it, and I will do that!

  13. You're welcome and best wishes with your install. :)

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