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    I have had a blog hosted at Typepad for the past 5 years. I have my own domain name, so the URLs are in the form:

    I’ve imported them into and the URLs now look like:

    If I can make the WordPress URLs match the typepad ones, I’ll pay to have the domain name point here. But if all the links are going to be broken anyway, it’s not worth it.

    Google found a few ways to do this, but I think they only work with self-hosted implementations.

    Is there a way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is


    We cannot change the permalink structure here. It can be done with a self-hosted blog though.



    I moved my domain from to a year ago (but I have now moved on to, and for whatever reason, even though the permalink structure is totally different, no link was broken. Somehow they automatically redirected. I cannot explain how did it, but I think looked for a post that started with the same words, assuming TypePad’s blog-post-t.hmtl had to be blog-post-title-and-whatever-else-comes-after-it in WordPress. That said, if you have a domain on TypePad, I would skip and move straight on to Especially if you have a lot of sites linking in to you on the old URLs, because, when going to now, I suddenly lost the automatic redirect and have to manually redirect every old URL…


    @husdal, thanks for bringing that up as I had not thought of it. Web page extensions (.html or .htm or .php or whatever) are sort of passe now and not necessary for web pages to load and display properly.

    The search engines look for the page base file name and for the most part ignore the extensions entirely.

    Browsers do the same also. Example: typed into a browser would bring up /page.htm or /page.asp or /page.html or /page.php or whatever existed.



    But for some odd reason all the incoming links pointing to my old TypePad permalinks that were gone from my Google Webmaster Tools while I was on, have now mysteriously reappeared. since bluehost doesn’t seem to accept non-www URLs.

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