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Mature blog questions

  1. I have a blog for my sketches which i have set to private at the moment. I have only just set it up and i am wondering if i need to mark my blog as mature so that i can add the occasional (female) nude sketch. I understand that my blog won't show up on Global Tags once i list it as mature, so was wondering how search engines would find my blog, and also would i still need to add tags to my postings. I see a lot of blogs with nude sketches in the tag surfer, so would i actually have to list my blog as mature? Why is there a "Nude" tag which shows blogs in tag surfer if mature blogs are excluded from tags? It's all very confusing to me. By the way, it's not porn, just life drawings.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I should have added that although my blog is private for the moment these questions are for when i allow search engines.

  3. I don't think it would be a problem at all, nor would it make your blog "Mature" but it's always best to ask staff to take a look, since it's their call. Just contact them at with a link to one of the posts you think might be relevant and ask.

    Getting set as Mature doesn't interfere with search engines whatsoever, you don't need to worry about that. It doesn't get the SEO boost of the global tag pages, but it's still visible to search engines at about the SEO-level of a Blogspot blog. So it's like you don't have Super SEO, you just have Ordinary SEO. And that's only IF staff decide to "adult" you.

  4. Thanks for such a swift and great reply. I did wonder about "Mature" because my sketches are quite subtle anyway, and it would only be an occasional nude sketch, so i don't really want to "Mature" my blog. I will contact support just to be sure though. Thanks very much ;)

  5. If you page through my blog you'll see some stuff that's gotten me reported as Mature I think three times, but I have only been set "Mature" once, which I appealed and won. It's more for pure sexbloggers, etc is my understanding.

  6. pornstarbabylon

    Those blogs haven't been found yet.

  7. pornstarbabylon

    "It's more for pure sexbloggers, etc is my understanding."

    Oh no. I got slapped my first week here and I had no nudity or porn whatsoever. I talked about porn news but it was never sexual.

  8. I'm guessing then that even if support (i just contacted them) say it's ok then i will get someone who will flag me as "mature"??

  9. You got slapped here because the very theme of your blog is porn, which treats as by definition adult. It's simplistic, but that's the way it is. If it's about something that people under 18 don't have legal access to, it's Adult.

    If you're set as Mature you just watch your hits fall by 50% or so and then you ask staff, who tell you. You don't get a notice every time someone reports you, nor do staff automatically "Adult" everyone they get a report on.

  10. I would like to add here that MY blog is not porn...just in case anyone gets confused here.

  11. No worries: if you get Adulted, your name in the forums won't link to your blog anyway.

  12. BTW I was talking to pornstarbabylon, not you. Sometimes it's hard to follow thread replies, sorry.

  13. @raincoaster it's ok, i knew who you were talking to but i just didn't want anyone else thinking you were talking to me, as my blog is far from porn, it's gentle art.

  14. I had a swift reply from support. I can add my sketches, no problems. Thanks raincoaster, you were right ;)

  15. Congrats! Enjoy your blog.


  17. Please contact Staff and have your blog marked as "mature".


  18. But you're not allowed to use ALL CAPS.

  19. Also: kind of irrelevant, since you aren't allowed to have paid ads on your site at all. Since you have them, your blog could be suspended at any moment. I suggest you find a different web host than WordPress.COM.

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