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Mature Blogs

  1. raincoaster, to spread the word, you have to spread the word. Sometimes that means saying the same thing more than once, and calling someone dumb isn't very nice. Please play nice. =]

  2. "Quite the dilemma you've got on your hands, WordPress. However, we as blog writers have a dilemma, too. If I merely tag a blog post with the word "sex," does that automatically mean I have a mature blog?"

    No. Blogs are classified as mature by staff members when they think it's necessary. It is not an automatic thing.

  3. And if you look at the "sex" tag, you'll find posts of mine in there about insect reproduction.
    It isn't all thongs and poontang :p

  4. I could find the Hate & Anger blog with google, but it was way way way back in the list, for brand new posts. For it to be that hard to find something you are specifically looking for, the chances of average Joe finding it are slim to none.

  5. That is an issue with links and the Google algorithm. Get more links, you'll go higher on the list.

  6. Why can't the WP elite create a standard "adult" tag that a blogger can use on individual posts that are mature? It would be simple to keep those posts only (rather than the whole blog) out of the tag system.

    The penalty for NOT using the "adult" tag on an adult post could be the same as it is now--getting your blog removed from the tag system.

  7. erm - raincoaster is soooo playing nice.

    i played nice when i simply deleted the same content you attempted to post on my blog - i just didn't say anything about it.

    that is spamming dude and nobody likes it. you get a reputation for spamming you'll become a blogosphere pariah quick. nobody will have anything to do with you. not trying to bash - that's just the truth and a healthy heads-up.

    if you want other bloggers to know about your dilemma e-mail them privately, don't clutter their comments with your agenda. most bloggers i know keep contact info posted on their blogs. i do.

    if you contact us privately and there is interest in the cause we might actually start writing our own posts in support of yours.

    a spam-bomb just raises the wtf flag.

    hrm . . . now i'm off to email the guys at support and find out if the cat juggler is considered mature by wordpress . . . and if i am to let them know that they are the only one to ever accuse me of such (maturity that is)

  8. Brahnamin,

    I may be married to you but I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO disagree with you and raincoaster about the spam comment.

    I think your both being blog snobs.

    Spam to me is someone trying to sell something. rcwats was trying to raise awareness of something that WordPress NEEDS to find a fix for. Mark says he is not the internet police, yet he is the one who decides what I am allowed to search for, and that is censorship in its best form.

    So you don't want it on your blog comments, delete it, but don't give a guy a hard time to bring attention to something he feels powerless about. Just as you request, send him an personal email instead of shaming him in a forum.

  9. pornstarbabylon

    Though spanked with the mature tag, I have been doing well with Google and have found many of my posts on the first page. Maybe you need more incoming links to get a higher pagerank. I lost traffic after being labeled as mature but you then have to find a new way of promoting yourself. I comment on two well known blogs I visit which has turned out quite well for traffic.

  10. <<<Just as you request, send him an personal email instead of shaming him in a forum.>>>

    pot, kettle - kettle, pot (that is to say, what do you think you are doing to me scolding me in public?)

    I was trying to inform him. Unsolicited comments that do not respond to the post at hand is spam. That is not my personal opinion it is general consensus. I learned it from countless others and I'm passing it on in open forum so other people reading these posts can learn the same lesson.

    The difference between this forum and my blog is that this is an open forum and my comment is on topic. My blog is not an open forum and his comment was not on topic.

    I do not want to fight with you on the internet. I get that this is your friend and that you are standing up for him. I agree with what he is doing and have offered pointers here and on his own blog as to how to go about it.

  11. Have we not all learned to keep blog drama and flamewars to the blogs? I directly address the issue of mass-produced content when it's posted on my blog. Unsolicited mass-produced content hijacking a comment thread and posted on a blog is spam, whether commercialized or not.

    The OP and I have worked it out in the comments section. If you have comments for me, please put them on my blog, unless they are simply carbon copies of stuff you've put elsewhere around the internet; in that case, please spare me.

    To get back to the original point, Mark doesn't control what you search for. Google does.

  12. Raincoaster,

    If WordPress takes away your ability for people to find your content via tags... Than how else is someone supposed to get people's attention about something that needs to be addressed? It is twice as hard for someone who has a new blog!!!

  13. I still say getting the word out is a worthy cause (not spam), but not something to be abused. Not everyone out there has a comment box or an e-mail address available to the public. I did what I could, and if the blog owner didn't like it, they could delete it. There is a difference between junk mail and spam.

    If they agreed with it, they could post it. The comments posted were for the individuals, and if they chose to post, that was up to them. This wasn't a plot to take down the white man, or bring in the new world order. It was one guy telling the people on his blog roll, and telling people using the sex tag/having questionable content (folks that could end up in the same boat as me) on their blogs, something I wished someone would have told me. It's a good and just cause. Maybe I went about it in the wrong way, but my heart was in the right place.

    Honestly, it’s not about traffic, it’s about right and wrong, and my/your right to search via tags and find what we are looking for. I want people to be able to find my blog, as well as I want to be able to find theirs. WordPress isn’t stopping us, but they are making it harder.

    PS: Please stay on topic, you're jeopardizing my maniacal agenda. :P

  14. I have a question (to whoever can answer it) Why aren't bloggers notified via email when their blogs have been listed as mature (if I am wrong about that, somebody just say so, but it seems from what I've read to be a hit or miss proposition). Why aren't bloggers given a chance to address the content in question if they don't want their blogs listed as mature?

  15. When Greenpeace sends you unsolicited mail, it's spam, isn't it? What about that neat cult that only wants to turn you on to the power of toenail flex meditation?

    You don't hijack other people's blog posts. If they choose to pick up on your issue and post about it, that's an appropriate place for those comments.

    If you'd gone to my blog to do more than just post your comment, you'd have read that already, as it was in my reply to you. What does it indicate that you only came to my blog to post that, then moved on?

    brahnamin, I would suspect that they're not notified because it's generally a shitstorm, as you can see, and knows that most people put into the Mature category will never know and so won't be running around posting mass-produced comments in other people's blogs, kicking up a storm in the forum, etc.

  16. I see your point and disagree. This was a WordPress issue, and I was taking it to the community, directly. Don't worry, I've taken you off my mailing list. ;)

  17. Raincoaster

    First, you can't very well post about no - what did you call it? "blog drama" on the forums and then spew blog drama onto the forums. It's just a wee bit hypocritical.

    And if that is WordPress' actual reason for not notifying people when they get marked as mature, it is deceptive and underhanded if not downright dishonest. Adults take responsibility for their actions, they do not hide from them.

    The whole *what they don't know won't hurt us* approach is no way to engender trust. So I'm hoping Mark or somebody will chime in and refute that statement - or cop to it and offer a solution.

    Just my two cents on that front.

    I happen to agree with you that comments posted in the manner that Spidey posted these "updates" is indeed spam. On the other hand I have to admire a man who sticks to his guns on the matter and doesn't hide but openly shows his face and carries on with a *now that I have your attention . . .*

    I may not agree with Spidey's methods, but I do agree that he has raised some valid points and as a community I should hope we could come up with a workable fix. Or at least a more open approach.

  18. I'm only posting here because I'm being personally addressed and everyone seems to refuse to keep it in the blogs.

    Which is a shame, because this sort of thing is AWESOME for hits.

  19. LoL @ Rain

  20. Trust me, we each turned our backs on an extra 25-75 hits today.

  21. @dutchkids:
    "If WordPress takes away your ability for people to find your content via tags"
    Blogs not at seem to do okay without the tags pages. There are plenty of other places to link to and google just needs a single link. It misses nothing.

    "Honestly, it’s not about traffic, it’s about right and wrong,"
    No, it's about the other bloggers here who request that certain content be hidden from casual browsing. They send the reports in, they want us to act and so we do.

    I'll say it again - I do not go hunting for 'mature' blogs (as opposed to splogs which I hunt and nuke daily) and I only see a blog if it is reported. There have been people posting to this forum that would 'mature' any blog showing the slightest bit of female skin - the attitude was puritanical. And there are others who would have no mature - which means we'd have the porn blogs, the bdsm and fetish blogs all available with a single click. And if you don't mean them, where is the line drawn?
    No matter how you want to look at it, even with rules you might make yourself, there is a subjective view at the end. That happens to be mine and I try to draw an even line. You do not know which blogs I do not mark mature.

    I got a few mature reports just yesterday from people who said that they wanted to blog about adult / mature topics and could I mark them as mature please. Which I did. They don't care about tags, they don't care about traffic.

    Will we inform blogs when we have marked as Mature? It's something we are discussing as the domain gets bigger.

    Right now we have no plans to change what we do, but if we think a change will benefit all bloggers then we will consider it.

  22. Adult bloggers would come in droves to be marked mature, not just a few here and there, if they knew they were gonna get a fair shake. Just trying to level the playing field, for bloggers and readers alike.

  23. This was all started because of a movie rating (NC-17), three big red X's, and the words "adults only", none of which is "mature", they're just words, letters, and numbers. I was found guilty by title, not by content/images. What's up with that?

  24. If you write on your blog that you consider your blog to be NC-17, that your blog is XXX and that your blog is 'Adults only" then I don't think it's unreasonable for me to assume that your blog is for 'Adults only'.

    If I see a blog with a 'Hardcore Porn' at the top of the sidebar I think most people would assume that it is covering adult/mature material. Should I go checking? No - the owner has said enough for me.

    If you have signs in your blog that it is Adults only and you got a complaint from someone about the content of your blog you would immediately say "But look, it says Adults only so why complain if that's what you see?".

    If your graphic had not been there, this would never have occurred.

  25. Are you saying I should swap them out for fuzzy bunnies?

  26. pornstarbabylon

    rcwats, this is your blog right?

    You are already back on global tags. And if you are not an adult blog, then why did you still have this on your blog?

    Isn't that false advertising?

  27. Only my older posts (pre “mature” ruling) are showing up. None of my new posts, with the exception of new posts on my, can be found in tags. And if you want to call it false advertising, I’d rather it be called that, that GUILTY! I labeled my blog the way I did the scare away the easily offended, catch the eye of the curious, and just incase I decide to let loose and go wild, I don't have to make any changes.

  28. I like to think of it was being prepared, and sorry about all the typos. In too big of a hurry doing 5 things at once.

  29. Anyway, your point about it not being X-rated has been the point all along. But since I'm on the mature list now, which I mind less that people not being able to find me, or your, via tags. Read from the beginning.

  30. uuuuuhhh... What???

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