Mature Content… Help me out here..

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    I would like to know what exactly consist of mature content.. Now I know what is mature, but here on Word Press what does it consist of.. I am a little confused..

    The link to my blog is and recently it was obviously labeled mature which is fine, so of course tags are useless to me as of right now.. However when I search tags, one specific featured blog in the “relationship” tag is much more mature than mine but is still featured..

    Can someone just explain to me how they the blogs are chosen to remain in the tag search..

    Thanks so much !



    Nobody reported it, it seems.



    @sexintheusa – Just because your posts don’t appear on the global tags pages is no reason to stop using tags. They do help with search engines and can help your readers navigate your blog or find more posts of interest to them.



    Please report that blog that you have mentioned as Mature. We will be happy to take a good look at it.

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