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    I am very new here and I have been trying to sort out my life. Some of that involves mature but not graphic content. My last post was mature. I am not sure what the rules here are and don’t want to inadvertently break any. I know at other blog sites, anything goes. But here, it seems to be more family oriented. Can anyone tell me what would be considered too mature/adult or graphic to post? Is there a FAQ somewhere that I missed? I did look.

    Can I mark my mature themed blogs as such?

    Help! I don’t want to leave for Live Journal or another blog site but don’t want to get too comfy here then find I need to leave.




    There is nothing too graphic to post as long as it is not illegal in the US, but it MAY get your blog set to “Mature.” This will keep you off the global tag/category system, and your username won’t be a link to your blog here in the forums, but there are no other ramifications of which I’m aware.

    But it can’t be done on a post by post basis. You CAN password-protect a certain post if you think it’s a bit strong, or you can post a warning as your first paragraph, then put the content after the jump using the “More” tag, which is the dotted-line icon in the visual editor. It hides the rest of the page until people click on the link.

    You could contact staff in the morning and ask them to look at it if you want, or you can report yourself via the “Blog Info–> Report as Mature” button on your blue admin bar.

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