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    I reported my own blog yesterday as a matter of courtesy because a shot i uploaded contained an artistic nude. It is the only shot of it’s kind in the blog and has now prevented my other work being viewed at Freshly pressed. Can I have mature status removed if I remove this shot?

    The blog I need help with is



    The ‘mature flag’ has been removed. Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.


    How long will it take before my new posts show up in Freshly Pressed. Just tried and no sign of it.


    Since I reported the blog as Mature and since the moment it was reinstated there have been a few glitches.
    The Follower count went up to 404 from 124.
    The description shown under shared images at facebook is not from my own blog ( see text below) and I am not getting any comments from my usual followers anymore, people who always comment my work.
    Any ideas as to what might be happening here?

    The description under facebook images says “A personal blog communicating issues around life including horrific loss and overwhelming joy, and many things in between.”
    This is not my text nor does it describe my blog.


    Still can’t find my recent shots in Freshly Pressed…does it take a while from reinstate?



    Freshly Pressed selections are drawn from over 35 million blogs being posted to day in and day out every minute of the day.


    Thanks timethief…I think I misunderstood what freshly pressed was…my shots do show up when i search specifically under photography…the blog just seems to be behaving differently since i had the Mature status removed…am sure it’ll all settle down.

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