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    I recognize that there is a way of reporting a mature blog. I assume that this refers to the whole blog as opposed to only portions of a blog.

    Is there a way of labeling only portions of a blog as having mature content? For example, if I write one or two posts that I would consider mature, and I marked it with a “mature” category/tag, then those posts won’t show up in the regular blog except in the sidelines where categories are listed. That way, a person would have to specifically click “mature” to get to those posts.

    Is there a category/tag that does something like this?



    Ok, I’m not sure how to edit my post above. So I’ll add the info on here.

    If I set up a permanent page (that someone first sees upon entering my blog area)in which they would have to specifically click on differing categoried links to see the posts that are in that category, and one of those categories happens to be labeled “mature content”, would the whole blog be marked “mature”?

    What about if I took out the category widget and just kept the page widget? Can a page link to all the posts tagged with a certain category? or would i have to manually link to all the posts?

    Also, in order for me to figure out how to work around having a “mature blog”, if one has a front page set up, and people happen to click to a link to a post from an outside source, will the front page be the first thing they see? or will that link bypass the front page

    I’m sure I’ll come up with more questions, but those should do for now.



    This may not be a forum type issue for fellow bloggers to advise you on. Actually it’s clear that staff makes the final call on these matters and Podz addresses this subject here



    The mature tag is for the entire blog, not just a single bit I’m afraid.

    I’d just create a second blog myself and put up a static Page on the front of it if you’re concerned about content and the age of those viewing it.

    *chuckle* Let’s be honest though. If they want to read it, they’re going to no matter what you do.



    drmike, yes, I’m fully aware that if they want to read it, they will. :D My concern is avoiding accidental connections to something unwanted. (well, that and not having all of the “non-mature” stuff flushed down the drain) hehehe

    If I have a static page set up, can someone accidently bypass the static page? (For example: I’m not sure how the “next blog” or anything like that works, like if it goes to a current post or to the static page.)

    If the static page can be accidently bypassed prior to seeing it, then would a blog be labeled mature content if the mature content parts of it were set up so that people would have to enter a password of say…”over 18″ or whatever? This would prevent accidental viewing and yet keep that content separate from the rest of the blog which has absolutely nothing to do with “mature content”?

    (PS, yes, i’m aware i could just do up another blog specifically for the mature context stuff, but I would prefer to just keep one blog.)



    timethief, thank you for the link to that article.
    I posted my question in the forum cuz…well..i’m not sure where else to ask. And it’s possible that other members have figured out how to work around possibly sensitive content.



    You’re welcome and that’s what I figure. I do have a further suggestion that hasn’t previously come up.
    You could password protect the pages/posts with mature content to keep them private and only available only to a limited audience of your choosing. That way people like me who do not wish to see images of other people’s genitals when we click on usernames in the forum to help bloggers with support questions would not be faced with “in your face” situations.



    timethief, password protection is most likely the work around I’ll do. I’m not so big on “in your face” situations either.

    As soon as I find the area again, I’m going to put in a request for a password category feature, so that instead of having to type in a password for each and every post (as I intend to do a wiki-like setup), viewers would have to type in a password to view the posts in that specific category.

    i was just hoping for something…simpler. :)

    (edited to add that it a password category wouldn’t be necessary as once a password is entered for one post, all other posts with the same password will be opened to the viewer)

    It looks as if this is the route I will take.
    Thanks all



    Thank you for having the sensitivity to consider others and to consult. I truly appreciate the fact that you did.

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