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mature tags - freedom of speech

  1. recently a christian sex site was reported as mature - and somehow i got dragged into the whole mess...

    they used me as an example in their argument, and this resulted in me being reported as mature...

    i don't quite understand why wordpress can shut me out of the tag seems like an immoral decision...

  2. Contact staff through the support tab or at (M-F 4am-6pm Pacific) and include the name of your blog, your username and email address used to set up your blog and state your case. Volunteers here in the forums cannot answer your question.

  3. As a former philosophy student, I have to say I don't see anything in Kant about there being a moral imperative for anyone to be included in a global tag system. But you can indeed appeal the decision to mark your blog as Mature, and I have done it successfully myself. The tag pages give me hardly any hits, though.

    Stilettogirl had an interesting suggestion: to include Mature blogs in their own Global Tag system. I'm not a coder, but that seems pretty doable, and would definitely help smooth over hurt feelings. It would also connect the Mature blogs in a community, which surely must be a good thing.

  4. they tell me they are closed - it is 5pm pacific right now...and they were closed yesterday at the same time...

  5. raincoaster - that was totally my suggestion - why isn't there a global mature tag system...?

  6. You're not alone. If they get enough requests they'll do it. Getting the loyalty of the (not inconsiderable number of) Mature bloggers at would be a good thing from a company point of view, if for no other reason than those bloggers will be MORE likely to report blogs with actual illegal content if they feel the company respects them and their blogs.

    Support is open 9-4 M-F, so Monday will be the first chance you have to suggest it. They might check into the forum over the weekend, though, so they might see it here. Can't hurt to send a message Monday anyway.

  7. Uh, the "they'll do it" is speculation on my part. But they'd be dumb not to, unless they know something I don't.

  8. My bad (I messed up), the support pages says 9am-5pm Pacific, but it's had been 9-4. I guess they must have changed. Either that or the support page is wrong.

  9. Recently I seem to have been blanked out of the tag system (without any kind of notification as to why) while the growth of my site dearly depends on user input. That's what the entire project is about. Not only free speech but free enterprise.

    That's actually why I chose WordPress... to develop my site and hopefully upgrade it when it makes economic sense to do so.

    If I have been reported as "mature" I'd sure like to know why.

    I'm still waiting for a reply from support.

    Michael Clark, Ph.D.

  10. I dunno, I have nothing against sex or porn, but I'd like to know first whether or not I'm going to find it before I go to a site.

    See for yourselves:

    Even the blog itself has a link for those under 18:

    It's for mature audiences, it's tagged mature. I don't see the problem.

  11. earthpages - sorry - our mistake, your blog is fixed.

    madamekansas - what lettershometoyou says is right surely?

  12. what i don't understand is why wordpress doesn't have a function to screen it's own mature blogs - we can register ourselves and have our our global tag system....

    i would love to find linked to the mature blogs on wordpress - it would build community and help us all out...

    doesn't that seem logical - and even prudent...instead of just locking us out of the tags altogether...

    i am a responsible person and don't wish to have little kiddies reading my blog - but i also don't have the funds (or knowhow) to set up my own website at this time...

    or you can do like flickr or youtube and have a warning before mature content...

    i wouldn't mind that at all - i sometimes feel bad when people accidentally stumble onto my blog while looking for a real map of kansas...

  13. Thanks Mark. I appreciate your looking into this!

  14. mk: thanks for the suggestions. We're thinking about ways we might be better able to help mature blogs (we do actually discuss this sort of thing, your pleas aren't falling on deaf ears). I hope you can understand that there are a number of conflicting considerations that we need to weigh, including rules that aren't set by us.

  15. i understand your rules...but i also understand the that your site is already saturated with mature blogs...

    this needs to be more than talked about = i am crying for action...

  16. I think madamekansas has a point. Mature could have its own section and those who like that sort of thing could go there. The net-nanny software could filter it so kids would at least have a harder time stumbling upon it.

    It's like the argument for creating a .xxx domain,which the internet twits-that-be recently shot down again. The theory makes sense - the porn sites would all migrate there, leaving the net uncluttered for the rest.

  17. "saturated with mature blogs" - I'm not sure what you mean. Mature blogs account for a fraction of a percent of blogs. Blogs created by young children outnumber mature blogs many times over.

  18. alright, perhaps i can be a bit dramatic...not "saturated", but they exist...

  19. Yes, we know they're around and appreciate that there are good quality mature blogs. We realize it's discouraging and would like to offer a better solution. We just don't have one yet that satisfies all the necessary conditions (and we can't change some of those conditions, as they're not set by us).

  20. I suspect that my not-infrequent use of the F-word has resulted in my not being included as a featured blog on the page. (One of my blog categories is "WTF". I think that says it all :) I'm still in the regular tag system, though.

    I wish that there were clearer rules about, the rules for inclusion/exclusion/mature are.

    As someone who reads from the workplace, I definitely understand the need for sorting blogs in some way. I just would like to know what the criteria are. And I also understand this is a delicate subject. Thanks WP!

  21. membracid and others: if you suspect your blog has been incorrectly classified as mature or is otherwise not appearing in tag listings, please contact support, don't post on the forum. We make decisions on a case by case basis and will listen if you contact us.

    membracid: your blog is not classified as mature and hasn't been excluded from the featured blog lists. Your inclusion in the tag lists confirms that.

    We can't and won't publish a list of rules because those decisions are made by human beings, not checklists.

  22. ok, thanks. I will then conclude that I occasionally *do* appear as a featured blog, and no one finds it interesting enough to click on :p

    (and also that wordpress doesn't worry about the occasional mention of an aedeagus.)

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