Max. number of Testimonials in Stay Theme ?

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    Hi All,

    Is the number of testimonials limited in the Stay theme?

    I have created a Testimonials page (titled “Et c’est bien ?”). Only the first 10 testimonials show.

    To try and display the rest, I have used the NextPage tag. But all that it does is duplicate the same first 10 testimonials of Page 1 on Page 2.

    Is there a way to display more testimonials, please? What am I doing wrong?

    Many thanks for your help,


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    I don’t see any testimonial number stated here >
    I see only this:

    Populate testimonials and display them by giving a page the Testimonials Template.

    I’m thinking that you need to remove that pagination (next page) link and see if they all display on one Testimonials Template page. Will you try that please?



    Hello Timethief,

    Thank you so much for your answer, it’s sweet of you to take the time.

    Unfortunately, the Stay technical info on the page you mentioned is very incomplete. There’s a lot it doesn’t tell you, believe me. Particularly in the Testimonials department. Yet it’s a gorgeous theme, and I’m mostly very happy with it.

    I did start by not using any pagination tag. Of my 29 testimonials, only the first 10 displayed. Only when I realized that did I add the pagination tag.

    Per your suggestion, I have now removed the pagination tag. Unfortunately, nothing has changed.

    I have tried other things.
    Like creating a second page using a Testimonials template.
    Or using the pagination tag at the end of the last displayed testimonial (as opposed to on the page).
    I have also ticked an unticked the “Infinite Scroll” box in the Reading settings.
    No joy. Results remain the same : only the first 10 posts display.

    Any inspiration, however far-fetched, would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks in advance.



    I’m so sorry but I cannot help with this. I’m hoping another Volunteer ie. justpi will locate this thread and give you some additional information.



    ? I’m seeing 26 Testimonials.



    Thank goodness you found this and will help cinemiam. Best wishes for a happy holiday season to you both. :)



    @timethief, thanks a lot for your help. My best wishes of happy holidays to you!

    @justpi : Yes, that’s right. Seeing no help, I thought there was no solution to my problem. So I did something I hate. I changed my settings to “Infinite scrolling” and the max number of posts per page to 30.

    I’m not happy with this solution at all.
    Because it affects the setting of all multiple-post pages. Such as the Blog page.
    And that really doesn’t work with my readership at all.
    I would much prefer the max. # of posts per page to be 10.

    If you can see a way to display my testimonials on several pages, that would be great.

    I’m grateful for your help, and wish you a very happy holiday season!




    You’re welcome.

    I like Stay too, but I’m sorry to say that the testimonials feature is flawed (as you found out). The testimonials template works like a dynamic posts page, so the number of entries it displays is controlled in Settings > Reading. Unlike all other dynamic pages, however, there’s no older/newer navigation link (when the number of entries is larger than the number you’ve set), plus there’s no link to view a single complete testimonial (when the template displays an excerpt).

    So, if you want full control of your testimonials, I suggest you simply forget the feature. Select the default template for your T page, and enter the testimonials into the regular content of the page. Then you can freely use the next-page tag to split the content into a series of numbered pages.



    Hi justpi,

    Thank you so much for coming to my rescue.

    The solution you suggest is so simple and efficient that it hadn’t crossed my mind. Big facepalm here.

    That’s exactly what I’m going to do. It has the added bonus of solving another issue : to enter a testimonial, you need to give it a title. Quite a bit of thought process goes into that, as you want each title to be both different and attractive. Yet, the testimonials template doesn’t display the titles… Just a tiny bit frustrating.

    So anyway, my problem is solved. Many thanks again for all your help!



    You’re welcome!

    The title of a testimonial shows only on the single testimonial view, but (as I said) visitors cannot access this view (although each testimonial has its own perfectly valid and working URL).
    The single testimonial view is also flawed: it’s designed as a post, complete with an author byline and a category blurb. These are both wrong, because the byline shows you as the author, and testimonials have no categories, but WP didn’t bother removing these two elements precisely because there’s no link to the single testimonial view. In other words, WP covered one mistake with another…



    Glad to know that I’m not the only one who found rather aggravating the lack of a single-testimonial view. And the impossibility to sort by category. Again, your solution of turning testimonials into regular posts solves all this. Quite elegant. But it stresses how flawed the Testimonials section is.

    While we’re at it, hoping that someone from the Stay theme design may accidentally stumble on this thread – or, more realistically, that some other poor soul like myself may need help :

    I would think it nice if the technical info should include the particular meanings given to “Excerpt” and “Citation” by the Stay authors. English is not my native language, and I had to work quite a bit on those sections of the Testimonials admin page.

    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an “excerpt” is “a short extract from a film, broadcast, or piece of music or writing”. It’s not obvious, then, that if you want your testimonial to be published in full, the Excerpt section is where you should enter it. Rather an unpleasant discovery after spending hrs of work entering your testimonials.

    A “citation”, according to the same source, is “a quotation from or reference to a book, paper, or author”. How that became the testimonial author’s name, I can more or less comprehend, but words like “Name” or “Source” would have saved me several hours of easily avoidable editing. Am I really the only non-native English speaker on WordPress? ;-)

    I’m restricting my comments to the Testimonials section as it is the subject of this thread. But something could also be said about the maximum size of a featured image in a page, which is quite different from that of the same image as it appears in the slider. I would think this kind of info should be part of the basics given to the user, who otherwise spends yet more hours guess-resizing images until they display properly.

    I’m not sure there is any way to suggest that the Stay design team add this info to their presentation? I find it rather off-putting. Especially when I compare with other themes I use for my other blogs (Oxygen and Forever) which are well-documented. Pity, as Stay is a really beautiful theme.



    Many themes are underdocumented (and this includes Oxygen, as you’ll see when I publish a guide to the theme). Sometimes the documentation is little more than a slapdash intro, written by someone who is at ease with things WP but forgets that most users aren’t equally so.

    “Citation” is weird.
    “Excerpt” would be ok if there was a link to the full thing. The mechanism of testimonials is that of posts on themes that display excerpts instead of full posts (for example Oxygen). The Excerpt module of the post editor allows you to replace the automatically produced excerpt (=unformatted beginning of text) with your own custom text; this text would normally be a teaser or a synopsis, but you can twist the feature into including formatting, links,* images, or even the complete text of the post.

    * This is how you would sidestep the lack of a link to the single testimonial view (if that view was correct). And if you had the Custom Design upgrade you could remove the elements that shouldn’t be there on the single view.



    Thanks a lot for all these infos and tips, justpi.

    I’m with you all the way. I hope our conversation will save some users a couple of headaches.

    Looking very much forward to your guide on Oxygen. I’ve been using it fairly regularly for over a year now. While I agree with you that it’s under-documented – I’ve received many an e-mail from French-speaking users battling with the Slider feature -, I kind of manage to make it work for me the way I want to. Still, there are a few things I can’t do and I’m more than curious to read you.

    Have you published guides on other themes, please? I’ll probably be creating more websites for friends over the course of this year, and you just might save me a lot of time and head-scratching.

    Have a great day,



    You’re welcome.
    Yes, I’ve published guides to some tricky themes. See here (guides to Mixfolio, Twenty Eleven and The Morning After, also intros to Modularity Lite and Structure):



    Hey justpi,
    Hope this finds you well.

    Many thanks for the theme guides! They will definitely prove helpful.

    I thought you might want to know the bittersweet ending to my adventures with Testimonials in the Stay theme.

    I asked former clients and colleagues for their feedback on my website. Their feedback on the theme was not at all as positive as I’d have hoped. (It is not a hotel website, it’s about some teaching I do.) They liked the look&feel of my other website on Oxygen a lot better. So, customer is king, I switched to Oxygen.

    Silly me, I hadn’t changed the Testimonials Page template from Testimonials to Default. Nor did I change the testimonials template to regular posts.

    So when I opened that section in Oxygen, my testimonials were nowhere to be found.

    For editorial reasons, I did not want to make each testimonial a single post. And changing the template of the Testimonials page to Default (in Stay) did not work. So, I had to copy&paste each one into a Word document, then back into Oxygen…

    I admit that wasn’t very bright of me. But if one day you write a guide for the Stay theme, a post-it for airheads like me may save us a bit of time.

    Many thanks again for all your help ! Wishing you a wonderful end of year.



    Thanks for the wishes, same to you!
    There’s some misunderstanding here: I never suggested turning each testimonial into a separate post, and I didn’t simply suggest changing the template of that page to default, I suggested changing it to default and copypasting each testimonial into the content of that page.

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