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Maximum number of Text Boxes

  1. What are the maximum number of text boxes I can add? I'm attempting to add another one to my blog. I'll select add but then when I click on "edit" of the new text box to insert my text, instead of opening up, the box disappears.

  2. i think we are only allowed 9 text boxes, though i'm not sure if the limit is still the same or not with the new dashboard upgrade. if you need more text boxes, try to bunch information from a few text boxes into one; that way, you can put all those in the sidebar and leave some text boxes for future use.

  3. I am having the same problem and I currently have a total of 8 widgets and only two are text. (Why does it says above "This topic is not a support question?")

  4. Same for me. I don't know what is up with it.

  5. it used to be 9 bur I thought the upgrade changed that.

    frankhg - because it's in the widgets forum?

  6. mcbloggenstein

    Same problem here... I only have one other text box, and only 7 total widgets.

    It keeps dissapearing when I try to edit it.

  7. Are you remembering to select the "change" button and the "save" button.
    I am using 10 text box's.

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