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May I refer readers to my website?

  1. Hi, I am new to Word Press and I have been reading about how to use Word Press Blog. I just finished reading through what is allowed and what isn't, and I completely understand it. I have a website that has a ton of original content all written by me as I am an author and publisher. On my website I have reviewed and hand selected high quality programs designed to improve the quality of life in areas such as financial, physical fitness, nutrition, meditation and martial arts among others. I also have an Amazon A Store again with hand selected products that are relative to these niches. My plan is to publish original content on my Word Press blog and let readers know what is available on my website. Before I go any further with this blog posting quality helpful information, is it permissable to send readers of my blog to my website? This will ultimately determine whether I use Word Press or not. Thank you kindly for your information and response. Let me know if you would like to review my website for compliance and I will respond with the URL.
    Blog url:

  2. Staff have suspended blogs that they think exist only or primarily to push readers to an external site. So it would very much depend on whether you have a badge in your sidebar or if every post says "And you can read more on my website/purchase a related product".

  3. hmmm...well, I guess I won't put the time into building a blog if that should happen. I have a lot of information and articles that are quite long, all written by me, and the plan was to direct readers to the articles on my site, but since the article is followed up by an affiliate program, I guess I'll have to come up with plan B. Thanks for the tip, I appreciate it, I am not into putting out effort and work only to have it end up being counter productive. Thanks again.

  4. You can get free software from WordPress.ORG and install a self-contained blog on your own webspace if you want. It's not a part of WordPress.COM that way and thus you are not constrained by the terms of service here.

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