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may I shut down the comments function on my blog?

  1. hi there,
    new here, I just wonder if it is possible to shut the whole comments function down in my blog here. there is some similar option in called "no comments allowed", I think.

  2. On every post and/or page you make there is a column of blue buttons on your right hand side. At the top of the column is Discussion +. You can click on the + plus sign and then click to disallow comments on the drop down menu.

  3. thank you timethief, you do a lot of favor here.
    forum master, I am afraid this thread is ready to close.
    thank you so much.

  4. You're welcome haboo - happy blogging! :)

  5. Um, actua;lly for blogwide comments and turning them off, it's at Dashboard -> Option -> I think it's reading or general. (one browser window - can't check) what tt mentions is for individual posts.

  6. @haboo
    I think this is what drmike is referring to in order to shut off comments on your whole blog
    -> Dashboard -> Options - > Discussion
    ensure all the check boxes are empty and click "update options"

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