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May need a theme recommendation

  1. I love MANIFEST, the new theme that I use for my MY BSWELL blog: However, sometimes, my username appears under the posts (sometimes it does not). I cannot have my name show up here, but, so far, no one knows how to eliminate this from occurring, other than recommending that I teach myself CSS and try to fix the problem with this new programming knowledge. Since I must work 7 days weekly to pay bills, and pretty much around the clock, this is not a practical suggestion for me. The other recommendation is that I find a theme where the username never appears under posts. Can anyone recommend a theme that is minimalist, clean, elegant, and stately like MANIFEST, but does not input usernames after blog posts? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm so sorry but selecting themes for others is not something we Volunteers are inclined to do. We also work and we answer support questions when we can. You can use the Showcase Forum to locate themes. It's alive demo site and there is a searchbox there with filters for features.
    As far as locating themes that either do or do not display author names this post is helpful >

  3. You're right. I am sorry for bothering other busy people with this. Yes, I know the theme selection alternatives. I didn't know about the filters, which maybe will tell me if usernames show up on posts. The last thing I want to do is impose on the terrific people who are always here to help newbies like me!

  4. Hello again,
    The Themes Showcase does not have a filter for "author names displayed or not". That's why I provided the link to the article above. I think the article will be your starting point. Best wishes with your theme hunting. :)

  5. Right, sorry again. I did look at that file. Tonight late, or tomorrow, I will check out these themes to see if one of them might work. And again, very sorry for prevailing on you like this. I am most appreciative of your help, as well as the other great volunteers. But I never want to abuse it. I will work harder to try to figure this stuff out on my own, using the forum only as a last resort. : > ]

  6. Learning to use the software and find a theme with the features you desire involves a learning curve and I'm sure you will master it. I advise proceeding a step at a time. :) The article I linked to clearly lists which themes do not display author names so that will help you to reduce the number of themes to check out for suitability. Hope you have a good day. :)

  7. Thanks for this encouragement. I am an extremely slow learner, and since time is always at an extreme premium, I often don't learn things. But I know I must try.

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