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Maybe impossible with 2011?

  1. Hi,
    I'm a new user for apron. a month, just swallowed WordPress for Dummies. Browsed forums, even watched an instruction video. Still don't get the hang of it - maybe it's impossible with the Twenty Eleven theme.
    Want a non-blog front page and some other non-blog pages (60% non, 40% with blog).
    Created a Welcome and a BLOG page. Left BLOG page complete empty.
    Reading parameters: Set on Static front page, Frontpage = Welcome, Postpage = BLOG.
    However: still the blog at the front page.
    Only solution: page type = showcase (still a non-clickable text Latest post at the bottom line. Page type standard/default: nope.
    Page type: Sitebar, yes, that's what I want, but still the posts!

    Adjusting the theme is way to difficult this moment. Should I use another theme? I like 2011 very well.

    Any help I welcome.

  2. P.S.
    Recent posts in the sidebar isn't a problem.
    Just no adding comments/post at the frontage (and some other pages I appoint).
    "Appron." should be "Approx."

  3. What is the URL of the site?

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