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    would be a security feature that allows us to see when a log-in to our blog occurred,
    just in case we weren’t there at the time (lol laughing nut serious point too).
    Hope we can have one day :)

    The blog I need help with is


    *but* :)



    That information is currently available to Staff only and if your site is ever compromised then that information is available. If it isn’t then it’s not. However, do note that in the 6 years I have been here not a single claim of a site being “hacked” was accurate. Those who allow others access to their log-in information have not been “hacked” they have failed to follow security guidelines

    If you sign in to via a non-secure Internet connection, like a public Wi-Fi connection at your local coffee shop, your account may be more vulnerable to hijacking. To keep the bad guys out, we recommend selecting the “Always use HTTPS when visiting administration pages“ option from your Personal Settings


    Thankyou that’s nice to know that hacking never happens :)



    I suppose it could happen but as I said above I’m not aware of any free hosted blogs that have actually been hacked. I’m only aware of those who did not practice common sense and follow instructions re: security.



    There was ONE case where it was hacked; turned out the person had enabled Post By Email and the password for the email was the same as the blog. The email got hacked, and they started posting via the email.


    That makes sense :) I’m HTTP and no Wi-Fi. with email set to off . Joy :)

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