Mc Afee Site Advisor won't verify my site

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    Posting Web Site Owner Comments
    Error Submitting Site for Verification
    It appears that the Web site (or is returning an HTTP 2xx or 3xx status response code in the header of 404 pages.
    We cannot verify a Web site that is configured this way because it allows anyone to verify themselves as the owner of your site. Please update your Web site server configuration to return 404 status codes in the headers for pages that do not exist. Once your site is configured this way then you can return and request a file name verification.

    Web Site Owner Verification Process
    SiteAdvisor encourages Web site owners to post public comments about their site or our analysis of their site. A section for Web site owner comments can be found on the Site Details page for every site we test.
    To leave comments as a site owner, you first need to be verified. Please follow these steps:
    Request a “Web site owner verification file” using the box below:
    Web site domain name:
    Check the “Open Verification Requests” section below to find a special filename. Create a file with this exact filename in the root Web directory on the Web server of the site you are claiming to own.
    Once the verification file is created and publicly readable, come back to this page and click the “Verify” button next to the open verification request.
    Once we have verified that the file exists on your Web site, you will have permission to create and edit the Web site owner comments that appear on your Site Details page. You must be logged in as a reviewer to leave your comment.

    I get the following error message trying to verify my site.

    Open Verification Requests
    To prove you are authorized to represent a site, we ask you to place a specially named, blank file in your root Web directory. Once this file is created, click the “Verify” button to have our servers look for the file on your site. Please be sure that both your site and the verification file are publicly accessible.
    ** No open verification requests. **

    Verified Requests
    The following Web sites have been successfully verified. You may create or edit the Web site owner comments (which will show up on the SiteAdvisor Site Report page) by clicking on the “Edit” button next to the comment.
    ** No verified requests. **

    The blog I need help with is

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