Mckinley theme – bottom widget font too big!

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    My bottom widget was a perfect size until suddenly it just went massive!! I put this post on the widget page and they said its probably a CSS issue.

    Can Anyone help!!!

    The blog I need help with is




    I checked your site and the bottom widget font size looks normal to me, about the same size with the navigation menu items’s font size.

    Do you already have this problem fixed?


    On my computer the widget font is big.. But when I go to customize page, it goes small again. It might have to do with my computer?

    If it looks fine to you, then it must be ok.


    @bodylogixmassage, check the zoom level on your browser. In Safari, go to View menu and select “actual size.” See if that helps.

    I’ve looked at your Customize view and compared it to my straight browser view in Safari and the font sizes are the same for the footer widgets.

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