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Mean comments/Posters

  1. I have a poster who was really a nice person at the beginning of her posts. She has since turned into a mean poster and criticizes posts of other posters. I am to the point where I am not going to let her post on the site, she upsets alot of people. Yes she is a wordpress blogger, but this has to stop. My question is, do I have to keep letting her posts go through? The current on she posted was the last straw!

  2. You can block comments in Setting -> Discussion -> Blacklist. :)

  3. Thanks, I will do that! I feel she is harassing me, and my posters. I am ready to email support and see what they will do!

  4. pornstarbabylon

    You don't have to let anyone post on your blog just because they also have a WordPress blog. It's your blog and you can ban her and her IP. But people like that seem to draw more people to keep on coming back to your blog meaning more traffic for you. I visit sites where it's widely known many just go to read the comments of the deranged on there. I have people insulting me all the time on my blog. But I have told other to please not use racial slurs and link back to certain sites. One person for some reason actually linked back to David Duke's site from my blog. I nearly lost my mind. But if you are getting complaints from your other readers, then you probably should ban the person because those people might leave if you don't. I've mainly experienced hostile behavior towards me. lol

    If you want the person banned, go to Dashboard > Settings > Discussion

    Go to either Comment Moderation or Comment Blacklist and put their IP and/or email address. Then click Save Changes at the bottom.

  5. pornstarbabylon

    Oh, people already posted. :)

  6. Thanks, is there anything in writing that says I have to let her post? She is very mean. She has even copied and pasted from my site, comments and all, and put them on her site.

  7. pornstarbabylon

    I just noticed the topic of your blog. Yeah maybe it's best to ban her because of the nature of the blog and it might upset others facing the same situation.

    You don't have to let her or anyone leave comments. It's your blog. But if she also has a WordPress.COM blog and is taking your original writings without permission, then you can report her blog. Try emailing her first saying you'll report her if she doesn't take down your work.

  8. I will not email her, I am not going to give her the opportunity to get my email address. I will contact support. Thanks

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