Meda RSS – how to make Videos play on Nokia mobiles

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    I’m trying to find a way to post Videopress or Youtube/other videos on my blog and then create a Media RSS feed.

    The mRSS feed would deliver the video to a mobile device and play within the device. What I’m trying to do is different from browsing a html5 page.

    I’ve been able to validate my RSS feeds, and I do see thumbnails for my video when I test a feed in IE. (My videos are currently embedded via Youtube.) I’ve also tried to make a mRSS feed via feedburner, and still I cannot get the desired effect:
    A video-play icon should appear on a video that will play on a mobile device. Then the video plays directly on the mobile device via the video stream.

    My feed:

    My prefered solution would be: Make a valid mRSS feed from Videopress. IF anyone have any (feed & blog) examples — please share!

    The blog I need help with is



    Have you checked here?


    Thanks timethief, I tried the .org.

    I only use the .com svc.


    @timethief or anyone else: Can you (or how do I ) submit this idea to Videopress/WP for further development?



    Please use this form to contact Staff and make your request.


    I tried that, but I’m a newbe to WP and this does not garner much clout here.

    They said they don’t support mRSS.

    I doubt they really considered that this would be a quality add-on to Videopress.



    I’m sorry this was a “no go”. Best wishes with your blog. :)

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