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    Is there a way to place your images in their own folder in media? This would make life so much easier if I could place the photos/jpgs into their correct folder, then I would know where I wanted to go to get it instead of having to scroll through the thousands of photos I have.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there Christianfictionwritersblog,

    To my knowledge there is no folder feature available in the Media Library. That said you could add this as a feature request in the Ideas forum section here:

    I do have a lots of images too on my blog and I understand the need for organising media files. What works best for me is using the search box and filter the results by date.

    What I also do is giving a relevant name to my images so I can find them quickly. I know this is an obvious thing to do but images also get indexed by search engines, it’s just something to keep in mind too.

    As a reference, there’s also an help article about the Media Library available here:

    Hope this helps!


    Looked through the support page, thanks for the help.
    Do you know if I edit the photos, now that they are being used in posts, and change their names, will that effect the posts themselves?

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