media box is half below screen,no ability to access insert or save boxes

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    Suddenly my media box is half missing at bottom of page. The box does not allow movement of window up into visibility and use, as most windows usually do by clicking and dragging banner. Restarted Mac notebook computer with no effect. Same condition on my other WP blogs.


    Clear your browser cache and try again. Restarting your computer does not clear your browser cache.


    This is also my problem….since yesterday…what a pain! all steps followed…no success…help please..i can’t blog what i want!



    Same issue here.



    after u uploaded your pic with media ,then go to library,go to the pic u wanna upload then click show

    should be able to scroll from that window and adjust size,positions etc =)

    hope it helps



    I went into the gallery. I viewed the picture, and inserted it into the post from there.
    For some reason, you can view the entire window, and insert the image into the post.
    This is a major hassle, and I wish the problem would get solved.


    Glad to know I’m not the only one this is happening to today. Very odd. Clearing the browser cache didn’t help me, either. It’s gotten to the point where I have to clear the cache every time I go to upload images, but even that only works half the time. Let’s hope they’re working on these quirks so we don’t have to jump through so many hoops in the future!



    For images, I always use Windows Live Writer, in fact, I find myself using WLW quiet often these days. WLW adds shadows to the images which sometime looks really good (depending on your theme), and there is no need to visit WP’s website to compose your posts.



    I have this problem too. I am running a Mac G5, Firefox, latest version. Safari doesn’t fix the problem either and I emptied my caches (1800 files). No luck….this is frustrating. I can’t access that box no matter what I do it’s stuck halfway…what we need is a scroll bar.



    Aha…going to the library and clicking show for the image you want works.



    Yes, going through the library works, but the window is still half off the page and this is really annoying.



    This is happening to me today too!! Really annoying since I have started on my entry and I just want to upload images! Help!



    Force a refresh on your browser…

    Clear the browser’s cache…

    Your browser is trying to use an old version of our code.

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