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    for the last hour, when i click on the media button to upload a file to my blog, it wont activate it and it just does nothing..i have some things i have to post tonight but cant get the medi button to work
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    The blog I need help with is



    I have the same issue! Its’ not just that, a lot of the buttons or options on ANY of the dach selections dont work! I cannot manage comments, the quick edit, nor the reply options…nothing has been working for about 2 hours now!! What’s going on? Please to dont tell to clear cashe or history cuz been there, done that!


    Your right…now more things dont work…..
    Can someone tell what the problem is?



    I am having the same problem… just tried evrything.. in 3 differents computers and 4 different internet platforms (mozilla, safari, etc).



    yah trying different browsers doesn’t help! its just the first thing they want you to check when you tell the developers you have an issue!! Just a few weeks ago, there was a problem with adblocker causing issues with posting in the same way but its not that this time!! So what could it be I wonder >,>



    I am having the same issue, as well as some of the issues mentioned in other posts tonight. WTF is going on with WordPress??


    I dont understand….does this fix itself or is there some person that fixes it?

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