Media disappears leaving a blue question mark.

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    Frequently I have to check my blog because my media disappears. Instead there will be a little blue question mark. I have to constantly be reposting things. Why does this happen?
    It is very frustrating. Thank-you for your help

    The blog I need help with is



    Could you show me an example of a post that shows this behavior?



    Sure…if you go to my blog on june 18 “Man of the Tombs – alternate worksheet”, you will find 2 boxes where the media has disappeared and blue question marks instead (when clicked there is this message “404-file not found”…this happens randomly….ALL THE TIME… I have some very popular media posts that have disappeared and the only reason they are back is because I check…and spend HOURS reposting…very frustrating….


    Hi there – Are you still having this problem with the post ‘Man of the Tombs – alternate worksheet’? I just visited it and I do see your images there:

    Sometimes when pages don’t display correct it might be because of some sort of wonky data hung up in browsers. In this cases, it might help to clear you cache and cookies, and restart your browser.

    If you already fixed the post from June 18, 2012, is there another one you could show me? That will help me figure out what might be happening.

    Thanks :)



    Actually , it is “Man of the Tombs” let your Light Shine (June 18th)…there are 2 boxes with blue question marks…I spent a couple of hours before I contacted you all, reposting, so I guess I will wait until the next time my media majorly disappears…I don’t think it is a cache and cookies problem…Thanks for your time, bibleauntie


    Hey – Thank you for the extra information!

    You’re right — some of the older images are missing. I checked your blog’s history in our system, and it looks as though you deleted several files during the last month, many of these older images included. Can you tell me more about that?

    When you delete images from your Library, they no longer appear in your posts since they are no longer hosted with us. That might be the reason why you’re having this issue.

    Thank you for help with this!

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