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    Just a couple of points –
    Since the changes there is no longer an easy access to the media library on side bar on dashboard which was useful.

    Images can no longer be edited off page so if the image is huge it has to be edited on page. Nice idea but could we have the option to edit the image before you put it on the page?

    Also I can no longer easily add name title to images so that when the cursor hovers over the image on the published page it tells you what / who the image is of. The captions box is useless to me as it changes the cleanliness of my site and I would have to change my Artist pages – a huge job. Tried all sorts of naming methods but every time it fails.
    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is



    I agree, it is more convenient to edit photos before inserting them. Another change with the images in my live blog is I can no longer click on the photos and have them enlarge in a new screen. This is only happening to photos I’ve added since the editor was changed. Annoying!



    The new system has made it very difficult to post photos and get them to look the way one wants the to look. Enlarging and reduction seems to be a hit an miss affair – even resorting to HTML doesn’t always work properly. No showing in separate window – no margin line etc etc.

    For photo blogs this is a step backwards.

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