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Media Library

  1. Hello!
    Is the "view" option in wp media library broken for everyone or just me ?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just went to the Media Library and was able to click on "View" and did see the pictures displayed on what looks like a page of the blog.

    Have you tried to universal "WordPress Fix"?

  3. Hello, Auxclass. Thank you for your reply.
    I checked right now, it doesn't appear to be a browser issue.
    I'm using firefox since long ago. Cache is cleared when closing browser.
    I didn't change anything today, and everything worked properly yesterday.
    I don't know what's happening, it's boring, but not really important.
    I'll just wait and see. Thanks again. Have a nice day!

  4. Direct view seems to be broken onto Bouquet
    I encountered the same trouble with Reddle
    Checking, I did install zBench instead and
    everything went back to normal right away
    Could you please check Bouquet's library
    so that I could keep using it, it's so lovely :-(
    Thank you in advance for your help

  5. These options aren't supposed to be theme dependent. I just checked (both Bouquet and Reddle, in Firefox), "View" in Media > Library shows up and works fine.

  6. Hey hey hey Panos, nice to see you! :)
    Thanks for your reply. But it's bad news
    cause I can swear, this is what happens

  7. I can give you an access to my blogs, wanna try it out?

  8. Allo, ici la terre... :)

  9. Access to your blogs? That's not right, but if you trust me...

  10. I trust you, Panos, come on ^^
    But when I change my theme everything goes fine
    can you believe that ?

  11. Ok, I checked things in your media library, now remove me from administrator as fast as possible please!

    Yes, you were right, it has to do with the themes. I didn't find that at first because the problem occurs only with unattached images. In other themes the View tab links to:
    But in Bouquet and Reddle it links to:
    and this gives a redirect loop when the images are unattached.

    Tagging the thread so it gets moved to Themes, where our theme team guys will see it.

  12. done!

  13. Removed.
    Thank youuuuuu Panos! Thank you so so much! YOU ARE GREAT! :))

    Hello, Tess. Thanks ;)

  14. ~~lilmaouz
    hope they fix the bug soon…
    I'm sure others will have noticed it.

  15. Unfortunately nobody grumbled before
    I thought I was becoming stupid or so :p

  16. Thanks for reporting this error, lilmaouz, and thanks for digging into it Panos. It should be fixed up now.

  17. YESSSSS! Thank you very much! :))
    Thanks again to everybody. Regards,

  18. @lilmaouz
    Joyeux Noël!

  19. Merci, TT ♥ Joyeux Noël à vous, et à tous les habitants de votre coeur :))

  20. Merci ♥ lilmaouz :)

  21. You're welcome lilmaouz, you're welcome Ian, thanks Tess, happy holidays everybody!

  22. merci beaucoup! (especially to

    jeux de vivre to all!

    (ooo, and I'll remove the modlook tag as well!)

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