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  1. dribblingpensioner

    In my media library i have a lot of photos the same as i have used them more than once, can i remove them and keep one of each.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If they are there because you uploaded them from your computer each time you needed to insert them in a post, then no: if you delete them from the ML they'll disappear from the posts as well.

    Before you start worrying about this, go to Media > Library and check the note at the top to see how much space you've used and how much remains: your free storage space is enough for many thousands of (properly sized) images.

  3. dribblingpensioner

    They are photos i upload from the pc as you say for a post. Lots of them are small photos.

    I checked and i have 99.3 % left, so that will see me out :)

  4. What panaghiotisadam meant is if you have been uploading the same images from your computer more than once, rather than just locating the first image in the Media Library and inserting it into your more recent posts as you go along, then the answer is "no" do not delete the images from the Media Library or they will disappear from your posts.

  5. dribblingpensioner

    OK i'll have a go at inserting from the library next time, in 3 years i've never done that.

    Thank you both.

  6. You have lots of space so that's a good thing. :)

  7. You're welcome.

    (See? Most of your space is still unused, so you needn't worry about the multiple copies. And if I were you I would probably do the same: re-upload from my computer instead of searching previous pages to find an already uploaded image - except of course if the image was a very recently uploaded one or if I remembered its name.)

  8. @panaghiotisadam
    I cannot believe that you would ever forget anything. That's my affliction - not yours. ;)

  9. Panos
    I keep my images in folders which have names associated with the posts they are in. If I want a pic from an old post, it's simple to search the media library for the post name. Some of my earliest pics are in folders by date, which is also easily searchable. Maybe some advice about how to organize your photos, and the various ways it can be done, would be in order?
    iPhote libraries are also a way to find old images already uploaded. Canon cameras have a very nice simple way of numbering files so one can add words to the releativly short numbers, which makes them easy to find.

  10. @TT: I've got a very good memory but I'm not an alien (although some of my students have a different opinion)! In my tests blog I have uploaded about 700 images so far, many of them with similar names, or even with the same name (for some tests I would upload an image, resize it in Photoshop, upload it again, resize it again and so on). No way –and no reason– to remember the filenames of all those.

    @T: You need that because you post lots of images. In my main blog I've got very few, so I dump them all in one folder. But search a folder, find a name, then search the ML to re-insert it? As I said to Harry, personally I wouldn't do it: re-uploading is faster. Also, I write my posts in Textedit then copypaste to HTML editor, and I keep a backup file of each published post, so if I needed to use an image again I'd probably open the backup file and copypaste the code or the URL. In another blog I help with, we need the same image in many posts: in that case I use the Copy a Post feature.

  11. dribblingpensioner

    I keep the photos on my pc which i want to use in a post, i never go near the ML, and i never copy from another post. But as was said i have loads of space.

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